Artifact Q&A, How does Last Stand Deathless work?

How does this artifact work when running 1 health? Do you gain invulnerability at half shield? Do you get it at 1 health when your shield depletes? Please let me know & thank you for your time!

Good question. And while we’re at it, does the elemental damage bonus of artifacts affect only melee attacks, or elemental damage from guns too?

It’s probably just a weird quirk, like the infinity pistol with a reload anointment!

I have a last stand deathless it is not listed in the wiki link. Please inform me of when invulnerability activates as I am at 1 health. I am speaking of artifacts such as the one below:

I hate to say, but I think it’s just faulty mechanics. The “invincibility after dropping below 50% health” is for when you lose health from an attack, so you have to start with more than 50%. But you always have 1 health. So. What you’ve got is one odd artifact. It’s other stats are great though!

From what I heard from people who tested it is that it triggers after taking damage, on it’s cooldown which is 40 seconds. So if you are continually taking damage it would just activate every 40 seconds.

I didn’t test myself, this is just a discussion I saw.

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Im still none the wiser. I suppose just battle test the hell out of it and see whats good about it.

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Just put it on, head out to The Droughts and let some Skags chow down on you and see what happens.

Sorry to say but the one you have is sh*t. The temporary invulnerability isn’t going to work on that one obviously. If you want to use a Deathless artifact you should farm another one with a different roll.

I got last standing deathless, when the shield gets hit you become invincible

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I use one on my bloodletter build. It triggers immunity shield as soon as you take damage since you’re below 50%. it doesn’t matter if you’re full on shield, it’s constantly on cooldown. 5 sec immunity every 40 sec is really good!


Sorry to bring this up again, but is it really working this way? Seems pretty good survivability wise for Moze!

Last time I looked at it (a while ago) it seems it checks your health level on damage so when the cooldown is over it gives 5 seconds immunity on the next hit.

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