Artifact question

Has anybody ever used a flesh melter artifact on Moze before? I picked up a flesh melter deathless with rolls of max health, shield recharge delay and shield recharge rate. So no extra damage rolls but extra survivability. It had me wondering how it might go with a Green Monster class mod or the usual bloodletter. It was at the end of a run and I’m offline now for a bit but it interested me in terms of targeting armoured enemies in certain situations where damage output is already excellent. Cheers.

You can definitely make Flesh Melter builds work for Moze, but I wouldn’t say she’s the most ideal candidate for running them. All kills you make have to be with corrosion so any kills via Short Fuse, FitSD or anything non-corrosive, will deprive you of FM stacks. If you’re going to make a flesh melter build, I’d recommend sticking strictly to the meta weapons. As far as I’m aware, Green Monster’s bonus corrosive damage doesn’t actually feed into splash damage. It’s a decent pick if you’re running a Flipper but for any other meta weapon, you’d probably want a different COM.

I have a Urad Corrosive Flipper but you make a great point. With my build a lot of kills may be with skill tree bonuses or Urad and not the weapon. To me it’s not a great element and I prefer Cryo but I’m a newbie still.
My preference is a god roll Elementor projector or Ice Breaker deathless but having no luck there.
Ignoring the latest updates what would you suggest to be the best deathless?

So the one thing to keep in mind is that Flesh Melter is like the Breath of the Dying in that the effect is only triggered when corrosive damage deals the killing blow. If you are doing multiple types of elemental damage at the same time (FITSD, I’m looking at you), you will not proc it consistently.