Artifacts - Are any useful?

I can’t get my head around Artifacts. They seem very second rate compared to Relics in earlier games (eg BL2). From what I have discvered (so far) is the majority boost either slam dunking or melee. If your game has a lot of melee fine. But slam dunking? How often does the opportuinity arise to use this in battle? Many have additional features which are a bit confusing. Some time back I got a Legendary Fire Stone Victory Rush. This states “Kill a badass to trigger a victory rush. +18% movement speed and damage for 60 seconds”. Underneath this it reads: “Another one. +13% Action Skill Cooldown, +5% movement speed, +18% magazine size”. My question is: Does the +13% cooldown only happen after killing a badass or is it operational all the time? Similarly are the +18% and +5% linked togeter or only after killing a badass? It would be great to get some really useful Artifacts similar to the Relics in earlier games. Something like a Stockpile Artifact, a major increase in weapon damage or a significant increase in cooldown rate or fire rate.

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The lower stats are always active. Some are useful depending on how you’re playing, for example if you use a lot of cryo an Ice Breaker is fun and useful. There are quite a few if you’re a fan of sliding too. Victory Rush and Otto Idol are generally useful for any build.

The stuff listed directly under the Victory Rush is what activates upon killing a badass. Kill a badass, get +18% speed and damage.

The stuff listed at the bottom of all artifacts are passive bonuses that apply as soon as you put the artifact on.

There are some legendary artifacts, particular the Pearl from DLC2, which are incredibly powerful and boast interesting and unique effects.

The Deathless is useful for Moze in 1HP build. Combined with the right Frontloader shield and COM you can be hulking around with a 100k shield. My deathless also give extra radiation damage. Combined with weapons that do extra radiation damage under 50HP, Moze becomes very fun to play.

Other than that I think the previous posters touched on the more useful artifacts. I use the Pearl for all my non-moze characters.

They shine when combined with certain build styles. The Cryo and Melee ones are indispensable for my Zane and amara.

Also, there’s one that greatly increases your damage in the element you’re suffering from at that moment; there are some weapons that cause damage to you, so you can be clever with that. Amara can even combine it with a spiritual driver mod and a Transformer shield and her shock augment. So she’s always ‘suffering’ from shock, yet immune to it, yet dealing extra damage from the artifact anyway whenever she deals shock damage which, thanks to the augment, is always .

Then there’s one that increases damage with corrosive, which works nicely with the DLC1 Moze mod that adds corrosive to every shot. And there’s a Radiation-based one that would work great with some Fl4k builds.

So yeah, plenty of substantial artifacts, but you need to combine them with the right builds for maximum effect. Which is why they’re so cool IMO - more interesting than just a straight +100% damage annoint on a gun.

Plus you have some situational ones that increase luck, XP, or ammo, which are useful to carry around until you need them. As well as a snowdrift which makes walking long distances much less tedious.

If you ever find a Cutpurse Launchpad, pick it up immediately. It steals ammo on melee, and sends out missiles on slam (which count as melee). Which means that you can refill your entire ammo in one or two slams.

Artifacts are one of my favourite things, actually, as they have so many combinations of buffs, many of which can duplicate, and finding one with a slightly better roll is always fun for me. The legendary ones have 3 different sections, with 3 items in the bottom section, which means you get 5 effects to roll from.

I’ve got a Moxxi’s Endowment which increases XP by 8% in the top section, then again by another 8% in the bottom section. So 16%, which makes getting guardian ranks easier.

I’ve got one which increases luck twice, which I equip when farming. And my Amara’s pride and joy is an artifact that adds extra melee damage of a random element AND adds more extra melee damage AND adds even more melee damage in the form of Cryo, which further increases melee damage when it freezes. Plus some other extras like incendiary resistance. Pretty sweet :grin:

Pretty sure my moze build wouldn’t work without deathless. Elemental projector deathless just a bonus. With the ground spawn elemental pools with mayham modifier its pretty much a 140ish percent dmg buff.

With the ability to slam out of regular jumps (which sadly takes quite a lot of levelling down the guardian skill tree), the slam ones are actually pretty good too. Launchpad, Safeguard are a couple of my favorites.

Switch to a cutpurse, launchpad to refill the ammo pool of the weapon you are holding.
Works by hitting enemies with the launchpad projectiles, which count as melee.

Legendary artifacts mostly have 2 active effects and 2 or 3 passive effects.

Some active effects are damage based, some are movement based and some are survival based. You can choose to use one that compliments your playstyle.

For example an elemental projector will boost the elemental damage of a weapon if you are taking self damage over time (dot) of that element. It is a multiplicative damage boost and is very powerful.

A knife drain or cutpurse will restore health or ammo by any melee source (melee, slam damage, face puncher. A rocket boots will fire homing missiles on slam that count as melee.

A snowdrift will allow you to slide faster and further for mobility and speed.

You can have certain combinations of these that become very powerful.

The passive bonuses (usually written in white) are various damage, mobility or survival boosts. These can make or break a build at high difficulties.

There is a great fandom wiki:

without guardian perk most of the damaging artifacts stop working at m3 levels the spark plags the boots the cosmic craters do not really do the damage unless there is breaker involoved. all thestatic charges and buzzsaws and whatevr else damging part of artifacts can roll with do not really do m10 damage