Artifacts broken?

Why “Heavy weapon damage” bonus from artifacts is not working?
I’ve tested like 7-8 various artifacts with that bonus - all not working.

yeah, it’s bugged. only one though i believe.

i Thought i had the perfect Mod…but.i agree i dont think its doing Anything?
im not sure the splash damage is working either…?

As far as I recall the heavy weapons damage is not working. I hope they fix it soon. Some other weapon damage do not work as stated too.

Splash damage actually works. Let’s hope that when they fix that they will not mess this! :grin:

No, splash works. Heavy weapon damage does work on COMs, but not on relics. i have not noticed any other bugged bonuses but there might be others.


I have the same mod, but with reload and i did try it, i was very disappointed to find ouy=t it doesn’t do anything. A paper weight

Now I wonder what really works at this point? Speaking about this I’m going look for Seein’ Dead with

  • Weapon Damage
  • Recharge Rate
  • Shield Delay

and hopefully none of those aren’t broken. They’re artifacts I’m looking for too. Mainly elemental damage/duration

hmu sunrise,i have around 75 zane mods already.
i have the elemental projector artifacts too.

I have a wonderful Seein Dead with +54% recharge speed, +25% wep dam and +31% SMG dam. Seems to work well

Nice though due to me nearing max out 20 mules backpack and bank space I can’t collect all.

Though I really love to test out the shield stuffs since I have portion of his build on keeping his shields healthy. More the better too.

@anon88523395 Awesome. I been thinking about SMG in pair with weapon damage for more damage. Been unlucky with my rng XD

Also what do everyone think of manufactor rolls? Are those useless? Beneficial? To me I find no use of those and knowing I use more than 1 manufactor

I farmed the hell out of the seein dead mods, had over 250 of them, threw most away, duplicate perks, etc. Kept the best 40+.

Now i need to find myself an ice breaker with +shock dam, +rad dam, +SMG dam, +crit,+Wep Dam, grenade dam, etc to round out the synergy. Even a + corr, +shock, +SMG would rock it. Don’t really like resists, and i already move so fast with zane movement not needed

Also, my build for zane is based on keep SNTL and clone out as long as possible. do even the cool-down perks on an artifact seem a wast.

i’m farming for one with pistol damage :smiley: (seeing pistols are the new snipers)

Guys, today I checked and saw that it was fixed, bonus is working :astonished: :partying_face:
Magic! :fire:

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