Artifacts from Ravager

I’ve been away from this game for awhile now, playing other things like bl2. And there is something I want to see changed in the way the story unfolds. I liked bl2 mostly for its progression and levelling and want to like bl3 for the same reason but there is one problem.

In bl3 we don’t unlock all non gun gear slots until 2/3’s into the game and it really hampers the progression experience especially with new dlc’s that can provide artifacts earlier than we can unlock. The only thing in my opinion that needs changed to facilitate this is just swapping the eridium breaking ability of the ravagers vault to gravewards artifact unlocking vault.

I really wish they would change this because I think it would let most players progress through the game much smoother, unlocking more builds much earlier so we can play the dlc’s more fully.


Was thinking this the other day. 100% agree.
Two thirds of the way through for all gear slots is terrible.

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