Artifacts' functionality / Melee bonuses don't add properly?

Hi, I was wondering what is going on… I play Amara, fire based action skill, melee build. I procured two artefacts, both say "bonus damage"yet the one with the fire seems to give more melee output while using “Blitz” ability than the one with the cryo damage.

Notice the stats, I believe the cryo artifact should give way more damage (80% added and 12% to melee even more). So what’s going on? Fire based action skill shouldn’t matter, I don’t even use it for melee… or does it…?


If you’re testing it against flesh enemies, then fire will do more damage. Try testing on an armored enemy.

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That makes sense. Thanks. Though, isn’t cryo damage used against flesh enemies as well?

Cryo does 100% of base damage against flesh. Meaning no bonuses or reduced damage. Fire does 150% in normal and 175% of base damage in TVHM.

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Now some more experience. I don’t know why, now the Cryo does higger damage. There has been no changes with the levels or the equipment. I’m still talking about unarmored flesh opponents.

Also: Sometimes the blue damage numbers (cryo) pop up next to the beige damage numbers (physical), when an enemy is hit. Sometimes only the physical damage numbers pop up. That goes mostly for the “Blitz” melee-override attack. And sadly, it’s the total damage number as in normal melee, blue+beige numbers added together. Helo, Blitz 100% bonus damage? :frowning:

The addes cryo damage pop-up says, approx 1800, the physical is 2700. When I unequip the artifact the total damage is only like 600 less. So 3900. …?

When equipped with the Shotgun that says +60% melee damage, all other things put together, the numbers are bigger for very little amount - 4500 goes to 4600. …?

This is all pretty confusing.

I think I"ll write to support. It’s not that Amara’s melee build isn’t strong and ridiculously funny anyway :smiley: but still, I don’t get these numbers…

So, the support told me they haven’t heard another problem like this yet. But they will keep an eye for it. So either I am missing something or if it is indeed a bug, ppl didn’t report it yet.

Anyone feels like the melee damage numbers don’t corespond properly with the item bonuses?