Artifacts list so far

All artifacts so far.


how’d you get that much artifact material the 1.52k of it O___O

Thanks so much for posting this, it’s incredibly helpful! :smiley:

There’s also:

Shining Beacon
Max level 20
Shard Cluster Spawn Rate +100%
Global Damage +525%

Sorry, I don’t have a nice screenshot to contribute.

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With a lot of hours playing this game every day.

I got my 200k taps achievement in one day and burned out… also tired of how useless your 5th battleborn is… not even worth getting until you make enough money to level it as well :3

Holy ■■■■ ing ■■■■, that’s a lot of artifacts. What team setup do you use?

I actually just saw a post you made on another thread using galilea, rath, miko, Benedict and whisky foxtrot so I guess I got my answer haha

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The key to getting so many artifacts is to get max command rank as fast as you can. Once you’re max rank, you don’t get command exp anymore when you prestige, you get a crap ton of mythstones…

i enjoy this app more than the actual game lol. if anyone feels up to it check out my facebook page, battleborn tap addiction. i posted what ive collected so far, trying to get people to join to share their stats and progression and to compare and chat about strategies and more.

I’m finding the stronger I get, the longer it’s actually taking to get through stages. I’ve already reached the 150 stage achievement. Since then, I’ve been building up artifacts and gear so I could work toward the 250 stage achievement. I’m currently on stage 146 and can barely beat the bosses. I have 17 artifacts, all purple or orange gear. I have 8.65k% damage bonus. Yet getting to 150 again is actually harder than it was the first time. My buffs are all extended 50%, so when I get the ultimate ability refresh, I can use all 5 specials about 5 times each, and the bosses are still nowhere near dead.