Artifacts - what's the lowest level you've found?

I’ve never really thought about it much until I did a low-level runthrough of the main mission.

So now I have a lvl25 gunner that’s about to head into battle and realized I have no artifacts that low, all the artifacts I’ve seen dropping are several levels above. The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge doesn’t drop lower than L27, so I’ve been farming El Dragón Jr. in the Jakobs Estate map and after over 30-40 kills he has yet to drop a single legendary.

Fortunately El Dragón Jr. is low xp, but I’m about to level up to 26 and that kinda defeats the whole purpose of a low-level runthrough.

What’s the lowest level legendary artifact y’all have found?

26 or 27

They patched it out but I have been able to find artifacts in arms race at lv 13 if I can recall

How are you keeping a low lvl? Are you avoiding killing where possible?

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I’ve been developing a balance between speed and avoiding killing when possible. There are some “clear the area” encounters that you can pull adds into, but if all I’ve got is a single companion from the story I’ll usually blaze through all the targets to keep things moving. I’m only getting xp from those, the bosses and mission completion. Or that’s the goal at least.

I’m still farming at certain levels so I can have gear ready for the next run-through, but at some point I’m thinking I can have a sub-L30 completion at around 8 hours, starting from lvl 1

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I just ran 3-4 arms races from L21-23 and haven’t seen any drop yet, I might take this toon in there and see if I can get a 25 to drop

After running arms race about ten times, from 21-27, and getting not a single artifact in any color from white to legendary, I don’t think there is an artifact that drops lower than the pearl at L27, and the quest to unlock the artifact is a L27 quest so I’m guessing that’s what artifact levels start at

It s been quite a while but I think my first artefact was lv 21 (white)

Iirc it’s intended that they start dropping on a certain level

Yes, lvl 26 or 27 is the lowest.

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Ok i thought it was lower even haha but never really looked into it seeing it only played zane znd Amara and then M2.0 became a thing and i haven’t bothered creating a new VH ever since :joy:

I’d love to see a screenshot of an L21 artifact