Artillery Grenade Zane

Not a build really, but a finding with artillery (bouncing betty) grenades that could be useful if it hasn’t been talked about yet. The bullets from artillery grenades count as actual shots, so Seein’ Dead can be activated all the time. Because they count as bullets, they also heal through Salvation. Not really a game changer, but it’s pretty fun. These grenades tend to come with the singularity effect, so it’s great for endlessly destabilizing enemies and knocking them around. I don’t think I’ve ever been shot less lol. Using barrier and infinite grenades to proc seein’ dead also let’s me use more slow rate of fire high splash weapons as well. I haven’t tried it on takedown yet but I think it might be doable with the level cap increase cause with the right spread of points there’s no need to compromise on much damage or lifesteal. Any thoughts for a real concrete build? Or do you guys think it’s more gimmick than anything?

All damage counts as a way to proc Seein Dead. I usually use a Hex or Stormfront for constant damageticks. As soon as Drone or Clone drops one of those bad boys I know I can take it easy with keeping up the actionskills. My roomba and homie got this.

I thought it was only if Zane’s weapon damages an enemy. At least that’s what the card says. I know his action skills gain it as well, but I thought it was just cause they counted as his bullets, kinda like the artillery grenades.

Yeah it doesn’t make much sense but such is the state of Seein Ezmode’.

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Makes perfect sense, a grenade is a weapon. It doesn’t say when guns damage an enemy.

Yeah, but typically when skills say weapon damage, they don’t include grenades. Weapon damage buffs don’t apply to grenades.

That means all the other texts in the game are wrong, not what is on Seein Dead

It’s only supposed to work with gun damage but some grenades count. There’s for one grenades like the Hex or Stormfront that deal tic damage and on the other hand grenades like the Hunter-Seeker that shoot bullets. Both the Clone and the Drone can trigger it as well.
At least to my knowledge, standard explosive grenades like the Surge do not work.

That’s what I thought. I mean if the hex works then grenade zane is even better than before.

Well, I’ve been messing around with this dumb build and did figure out that those grenades can crit and proc brain freeze. I have a singularity rain Tesla grenade that flings enemies, crits them and even freezes them. I think grenade Zane might actually be a possibility now with the level cap increase. Not so much for damage cause it’s piss poor even with element matching, but transformer and Tesla plus singularity is working well. Maybe if the storm front can roll with singularity it would be even better. It’s mostly just hilarious and fun honestly. The most fun I’ve had in awhile with this game that doesn’t boil down to stacking raw damage.

Quasar as well I believe.