As a Borderlands fan I wish Battleborn the best of luck

As a Borderlands fan (although with great trepidation I might add given the rapid way in which the nature of BL universe changes from game to game) I now understand what people said about the Borderlands art style and in particular not liking it. This is exactly how I feel about Battleborn, the visuals look asian-esque in appearance and for those involved in Asian gaming (probably a huge audience) they might find the visuals appealing however it does not do anything for me. Gamplay wise It looks like the game is really meant to be played in multiplayer and targeted towards people who like games like TF2. I did not like the intro song on he trailer either. I am interested to hear what other BL fans think about Battleborn and I hope others are more interested in this game than I am for Gearbox’s sake.

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Its awesome if you have seen gameplay. Before other people say certain stuff

  1. Borderlands isn’t in the battle born universe

  2. Battle Born isnt affecting borderlands.

Every place ive been, people say these 2 things the most.

But Battle Born is going to be better than borderlands for me.

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I have no interest in Battleborn. But I hope it does well for Gearbox.


Just looks like another token “arena deathmatch FPS” game like Team Fortress 2, Gotham Imposters, etc, etc. I’m passing on it, those bore me to tears.

This looks like it has potential to be fun, but there’s some sort of inertia that keeps me playing TF2 (which is where I go for my multiplayer fix). It’s got a special place in my heart, it’s funny, it’s very well made, it’s fun to play, and Mann vs Machine is freakin’ brilliant. If Battleborn picks up steam, I may give it a spin though.

Not interested in BB myself, but I hope it does well for them. If it doesn’t, that could impact on BL3’s budget which would be bad.

It is a very brave move what they are doing as it is a big budget game that I could imagine cost a lot and from what I have seen from E3 this year it is going to be up against some pretty amazing games. Star Wars Battlefront looks simply awesome.

Having played the test of Battleborn and being a huge fan of Borederlands(all of them), Battleborn is not that bad as people are trying to make it seem.

It has it’s little jokes in the dialog just like Borederlands. Each character has a different skill set and moves differently to a point. Story mode is not like an arena as everyone is thinking it will be. It has it’s little missions. They only let us play to the first boss so haven’t seen the rest. I also have not tried the Vs. mode yet. You definitely can tell that the makers of Borederlands made this game.

All in all, it is it’s own game. It is fun.

Thanks but the non-disclosure means we should only be talking about our experiences with the CTT in the correct forum areas.

I didn’t mention anything that can not be found online. I was just saying my opinion after playing the beta and confirming what was being said online.

You probably shouldn’t have your email address as your custom title. D:

I think it’s going to be more than that. Part of the game will be PVP. The other part will be PVE. They keep talking about a hobby grade story campaign. So it will be story based missions in co-op or single player.

It seems you will be able to influence your progress in either PVP or PVE if you like to play both modes. Splatoon turned me off a little when I realized the single player campaign was effectively walled off from PVP.

Artstyle is fantastically refreshing. To me it looks more like a bugs bunny cartoon than anime. Specifically duck dodgers.