As a Moze Main, I'm pretty irritated with the state of the game

Ah, that one. Then yes, that one was botched.

I meant pet scaling skills. The changes they’ve made to IB, the pets, and the digi-clone (only a health bonus, but it helped) have been very positive. Since this patch is about scaling skills I actually don’t expect them to mess this up. The itemization around action skills may have some issues, but in terms of just scaling the skills I have no concerns.

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There is a Melee variant they gave Moze that never gets used because its so much more inferior to what even Amara’s options are. When I first got the game I wanted to explore that route, but it has always been pure garbage.

I meant more, yeah. My bad :smiley:

Listen, don’t want to spend a huge amount of time on this; I think the OP deserves time to get their feelings to virtual paper than I do to rehash design arguments I’ve made before (not to say that I’m therefore correct, I’m just weighting the priorities here).

The pet scaling in this game has been good. It’s the mechanical revisions that have been setting it back. Iron Bear was viable, remember? Relatively-speaking, for all of five seconds (unlike FL4K, I believe IB was undone by M2.0? I can’t remember. I’m pretty new to Moze). It can be done. I believe it will be done again.

We’re getting scaling now because the current Mayhem came in during month 8. Let’s be fair when discussing months-past-release, yeah? We’re not in month 10 of tweaking the gameplay systems that existed at release.

As for what’s different with this game? I’d be careful with hard statements like that. This game is on a brand-new engine, for starters. And though I literally just cautioned against hard statements, the skill interactions in this game, both the steeper and softer scaling algorithms (despite being poorly communicated to the user) are far more complex than anything we got even in BL2 (though I’ll always have a soft spot for TPS, I think design-wise that’s hugely underrated).

Anyhow, I’ll bow out here (no drama, I’ve just been typing a lot haha). Feel free to PM if you want a reply to anything, I’ll read any reply here, but I won’t impose myself further.

The last patch was to address weapons (which the number they addressed was abysmal).

The other 3 were not mentioned officially for phase 1, so you are spreading misinformation there.

And we only know to the extent that phase 2 will give scaling to grenades, and make class mods have increased impact on action skills. No word on shields getting anything, this gives me pause to whether shields like WTF, Rectifier, Riptose, etc. will ever have a modicum of usefulness.

No sir. Also buried somewhere is also that class mods were getting looked into and adjusted and that has been of shoot (looks at watch) months ago :man_shrugging:

Broken promises buddy.

Direct quote:


Phase 1 focuses on the feedback we received about Mayhem Level stat scaling and gear changes. We’ll make these changes at the same time to complement each other.

With the upcoming Guardian-themed Takedown, we will lower the health, armor, and shield stat bonuses that enemies receive in the higher levels of Mayhem. We’ll also adjust over- and underperforming gear, so that more gear is viable and balanced with the new lowered stat bonuses found in Mayhem Levels 7 and above. Certain underperforming Anointments will also see a buff with this change.

This phase will also introduce a way to see which Mayhem Level your weapons and gear came from. In the item card, you’ll see a line that reads “Mayhem Level” and the corresponding number for the Mayhem Level where it dropped. You’ll see this text in the same area where Anointment descriptions are.

What it should of said:

We’ll also adjust over (yellowcake, sandhawk, kaoson), - and underperforming gear(quest reward SMGs), so that more gear is viable and balanced with the new lowered stat bonuses found in Mayhem Levels 10

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and over 3 months ago:


Mar 6

We want to try and get to these as well.
As far as lists, we can see what people are using, but it’s always fun to see community rankings

This is coming from the same source as your quote which was what I am referring to you in my original reply about phase 2.

Although I will concede that them using “weapons and gear” in the phase 1 outline gives a confusing message. But their action of basically reducing the overall health/armor/shields of mobs was probably their idea that the “gear viability” got buffed. While also thinking that their usage of gear in this case was just a redundant use of the word for referring to gun weapons.

It is not confusing, you can literally scroll that post and she is responding to the gear, not just SMGs.

In the same aspect it is like them saying:

Yet cold warrior will still apply a status effect damage in the 100’s but your A/S does more dmg!

You get what I am saying right. We have literal class mods that effects do damage in the 100’s still,… sad stuff.

Sounds like annointments but for class mods to me. Which would be ass


Quick fix … switch to Zane!

Haha … heh… I mained Moze out of the gate from day 1, but she hasn’t made it past level 51 ever since I gave up on her and switched. I was about to get her leveled and try out the Raging Bear builds on M4… but then they hit us with 2.0… Seems every time I want to go back to her, something comes along and I just never do. Hex spam seems like not such a big deal nowadays, lol.

Here’s to hoping the next patch actually does some good for Moze and Iron Bear. I’d love to get her leveled and rebuilt.


I did for a while.
And I can clear all the content I’ve tried on him, at Mayhem 10. Meaning: I haven’t cleared guardian takedown on him, because I haven’t been interested in trying.

But as good as Zane is, and my proficiency with him, I’m just not terribly interested in getting him to 100% on all content.

And that’s the big thing. I’m a completionist. Completion is tied to character in game, and staring at the lack of it being all done, just bugs the hell out of me.

Is that silly? Maybe.
Is that trivial? To some people, I’m sure it is.
Does it bother me? Yes. 100% it bothers me.

Maybe it wouldn’t bother me as much if Moze hadn’t enjoyed a slight renaissance in the last days of Mayhem V1. Maybe I would have just moved on, and dealt with the fact that My first char that I enjoyed, was relegated to the bin of “oh well”.

But the buffs were good. She was getting on track. She was in a MUCH better place than she was.

And M2.0 has just been a massive disappointment.