As an avid player, I want to play, but I know I'll be teamed with people my skill against newbies, so I don't play :(

I wish there was a “Queue with newbies” option for vets. I can’t bring my myself to hop in PvP knowing that It’s gonna grab people at my 1k+ hour level, and match us against newbies.

I want to play, but I know I can’t play as it will deter low levels :frowning:


I’d play in a queue where i back low-levels! :grinning:


Me too!

A Solo/Duo Mentors’ Queue sounds fun. 1-2 Vets paired with 3-4 newbies!


I wish they’d replace Quick Match with Solo/Duo Queue. In a game like this, the biggest advantage a team can have is solid communication.


I’ve been advocating this^, as well as keeping Versus Draft as the other queue; this would limit pre-mades, and protect low-level players (in my opinion, of course).


Basically a match of 1-2 vets vs 1-2 vets. I’ve been in these situations. When both teams have 3-4 new players and 1-2 veterans - you just ignore veterans and farm the newbies for xp. Veterans who picked better damage dealers and are better at killing - will prevail. +the match just takes longer to finish that way, but new players will still get blown out. Veterans will finish with 15+ kills and new players will have ~10 deaths.

The only way to do the matchmaking right - restrict new players to play only with new players. That way they can really learn how to play, how to LEAD a team to a win. If you play with a vet that does everything for you - you will learn mostly nothing (mostly, because you will still see a strategy and positioning, but still…), you’ll just see a feed of: “veteran player killed newbie player 1, veteran player killed newbie player 2 (double kill!)” and so on. But new players will rarely taste the: “wow, in that match I carried our team to victory! Good stuff”. it’s just not fun to be a bandwagoner.

At least I think so.

The problem right now is, that there are some people who we’re lucky enough to play the game consistently at least in 10 mans, there are people who mostly played Bots Battle and PvE to get their command rank up (due to time restrictions and not enough overlap with said 10 mans), people who came back after a long break and newcomers.

I don’t want to say it is optimal to mix all those “classes” together, but it is better than the system we have right now that e.g., groups up Dunksquad solo queuers and matches them against the same low skilled team multiple times in a row. This creates hate against high skilled players and also forces them most of the time to completely throw games to not be personally attacked all the time. It also drives players away when they are constantly playing blowouts like that, no matter on which side.

I just can’t solo queue in quick match. When I’m grouped up with low levels, they expect me to be good in this game, but I’m not. I am CR130, but that was story and OPs mostly. I’ve maybe played 100-150 PvP matches in this game in total since release. High levels in the enemy team don’t know that (unless they are friends of mine), I run into the risk to be hard focused because of being a higher level, people on my team rage at me for being a noob or intentionally feeding kills to “friends”. Basically, I feel useless.

Sorry, if a game triggers similar emotions of helplessness in me like when I had to watch a very close family member slowly die to cancer for a year without being able to do anything, I can’t take that risk. Not everyone is a mental wreck like me, but I’ve talked to some people who have shown PTSD symptoms because of that game. That’s bad, a game is meant for fun, not as a method to destroy your sanity.

I can only play QM when I have friends to play with who don’t instantly lose it when I go 0/20 in a match. I’m only playing in a premade and my friends are really good at this game. I’ve played a few very enjoyable close games because of that, but I’ve also played a few games where I honestly didn’t know what to do, to not crush our enemies. I don’t play PvP at all when everyone is busy.

If solo/duo with true random teams would be active before the playerbase is down again to pre SU numbers, I’d go in there solo.

Match quality would be a coinflip, but one that’s biased towards me. I know that I will try my best to play a good game and I only have to find 4 other people with that attitude. The enemy has to find 5.

Forming teams by skill ist something that can be considered again when the pool of players is big enough (I’m talking 10k+ players) and Elo matching between groups works.

Then we need 2 separate ranks.

  1. Command rank (overall rank)
  2. PvP level rank.

And now everyone would know someone’s real experience with the PvP mode, and do the matchmaking based on that rank.