AS Cooldown on an Artifact....any good on IB?

How good is that Perk on Moze??

It’s a general, unconditional perk…no kills required but in practical terms…approx how many seconds are cut off IB’s cooldown?

There’s no short answer without knowing everything else

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It’s fine. Consensus for artifact bonus stats are AoE and Mag size are pretty much required and top priority for most builds. That leaves you one space which CDR can fit in if you prefer.

Class mod is generally Splash damage required, and then weapon type damage is often chosen. CDR is a decent 3rd choice. Class mod CDR is better than Artifact percent, but it really just comes down to what class mod rolls you have.

Stacking both class mod and Artifact is probably not the best choice, especially if you also have it on your shield. The Gunner shield one doesn’t work like Grizzled, you can almost consider it a flat boost as well, as 3 kills in 2 seconds has the same effect as 1 kill every 10 seconds.

Don’t bother with more than 2 CDR rolls on gear + Grizzled. 3 if you really want to focus on CDT. Stacking both class mod and Artifact doesn’t leave much room for extra damage or other QoL stats that can roll between the 2.


Fantastic information in the guide! Thanks

Agree totally on the Mod/ Artefact Perks that are best with one possible exception.

If you have 60+ % of extra Grenade Damage with CMT’s…it makes a difference…a pretty BIG difference with the amount that is constantly being chucked the damage from grenades is quite good!

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It can, yeah. It’s great on all grenades if you plan on using them for damage. But that costs 2 rolls.

If your build requires grenade damage then it’s a good choice, but most people use the CMT for its utility more so than actually dealing damage. Even with +60% the CMT is rather weak compared to the utility gain it can give you + better com and artifact rolls. Try the dual grenade damage boost with an Epicenter, it can kill armoured badasses.


Also remember that if you’re lucky you can get artefacts and class mods that only display 2 stats because they are repeating one of the stats. So you can get double splash bonuses on a com or artifact.

The double rolls on splash are definitely excluded. Most rolls are excluded, I believe Aaron has an upto date list in hist Passives guide in Loot and Weapons.

Unfortunately discussion of where I got proof is frowned upon on these boards so please DM me if you’d like me to explain. I can explain both why I know splash can’t be double rolled and I can demonstrate how that Raging Bear you showed can be obtained.


Is there a general guide somewhere that tells what gear to look out for…being modded? I had a piece a while back from a gift and I am almost to a point that I play with nothing unless I picked it up myself. which is sad really.

Maybe nothing detailed…just some general guidelines like if the skill can only be specced with 3 points…a +5 on a mod is impossible…that kind of thing…

OK…good tip…I will try it with a Spring Epicenter.

For class mods pertaining to Moze:

If a skill can only have 1 point: Class mod max = 1.
If a skill can have 3 points: Class mod max = 3.
If a skill can have 5 points: Class mod max = 5.

That’s all there is to it, other than one special circumstance: Green Monster can only have 1 point on the mod. Nobody knows why. That’s the only outlier to the rule for Moze.

Weapons are a lot more difficult to tell for the average player. I don’t believe there’s a simple guide on that, as the guide would inherently not be simple. If you’re suspicious of a weapon, I think you’d just need to ask. Here’s a list of weapon parts but it might be overwhelming at first glance.

For anointments there’s only 2 cases of anointments that can’t spawn on every weapon. Do not consume ammo for 5 seconds on IB exit cannot spawn on heavy weapons. And splash anointments cannot spawn on every weapon, you can find the list of all splash weapons here. Be aware a splash anointment can spawn on almost every Torgue, every mmaliwan, and every Tediore. There’s a few weird ones that don’t deal splash but can get the anointment too but you won’t be using those anyway.

This can help for shield parts, class mods, and artifacts but you might still come across a few things that won’t be mentioned here. Generally if you think something might be off, you can check if the shield or whatever is even possible. It also lists the artifact stats that can spawn twice.

Second link for class mods that explains a couple things further.

Second link for shield augments

Second link for articafts

Possible grenade part rolls which can help tell if someone makes a fake grenade with an impossible part combination (for example an elemental CMT). For Legendary grenades you should just be able to search the name of the grenade or the parts on it, there isn’t a ton of variances on them.

Really you should bookmark the Lootology 101 Community Guide for all the links I just posted that are related to what you’re asking, but there’s several more useful ones there too.


As usual…a wealth of info!!

Thank you!

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