As it stands this technical build is technically unplayable

I refuse to put another minute into this game with zero lag compensation, the game is unplayable when every shot you fire takes a full bloody second to register. If lag compensation is not introduced to this game I will not be buying it ever. This should be a major focus as every other game that this will be pitted against has excellent lag compensation, and the comparison to Overwatch HAS to be made considering many of the abilities in this game seem… “inspired” by Overwatch. This game has potential but that will quickly die if this is not addressed. This game is pulling far too much network data to be efficient in any regard. I will only be returning after each update to check if lag compensation has been introduced, if it hasn’t I will promptly close the game and not play until it is.

I would like you to understand that this is an alpha. This is set to test a prototype of the game to see how the community likes it, and if it is worth to continue the development, or do something else.
You cannot compare this game with overWatch, even when it was in beta. Overwatch was already almost finished when it was in beta, and their goal was to create Hype.
I just played, and got no lag. i only once got some lag because of a bug. we where 80/25 inside a “hangout” wich is my guess, a server that should contain max 25 players.
Also, a game can’t die if it never born.

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While the lag may not be a case for you, it is for me, and it’s a problem for “liking” the game. The Overwatch comparison was made due to the function of certain abilities. If an issue is turning me off entirely from the game then odds are I’m not the only one, even in an alpha issues like this need to be addressed otherwise there will be disdain among community members. I make these critiques out of love for the company, I love everything gearbox has ever made, excluding Aliens colonial marines, due to it being a massive flop, these things are there to help a game like that to not happen, so if you are suggesting I should ignore issues and simply not give any feedback at all on problems the game has for them to help improve it, you are insane. The game has potential but whether anyone cares about issues in a game company anymore is yet to be seen, I have always had high hopes in gearbox because of the fact that they ARENT other game companies. You also seem to not understand what lag compensation is, it has nothing to do with whether you are lagging or not, lag compensation is simply a set of procedures that help to predict movement and compromise between the client and the server. As it stands even as a technical build I, and people like me, can not provide good feedback when we cant even play without getting infuriated that the client viewmodel and the server’s understanding of where the player is are in two different locations… constantly. The odd part is, this is the only game I have these issues with, ping in this game is almost a constant 300-500ms when in every other game I checked for comparison I was hitting a max of 100. Clearly there is something going on here, but if people prefer I don’t care and simply stop giving feedback I suppose thats fine too.

That’s not lag compensation, that’s interpolation. Yes it is a problem, not nowhere near unplayable. As someone that beta tested OW, the hit detection is about on par with what OW was before they overhauled the servers and really stuck with the “favor the shooter” mantra. Also if you are having 300-400 ms ping in the US, there is definitely something else wrong with your setup, ISP routing, port blocked, whatever.

Yes I live in the United States, and my router is set up properly, ping testing from east coast to west coast is till less than 100ms for me, but as this forum seems to be nothing more than a youtube comments section of replies I withdrawal from providing anymore feedback on the game.

I am sure the comments were not here to bash you or anything. For my part, i was just saying you can’t wait for a complete, detailed, perfect product when it is in development.

Their is also a part of your comment that we simply can’t verify, and does not act like us. We are trying to get what is the error creating lag exactly.

As for the lag compensation, How do you know there is no lag compastion, as they have many forms, and even if you decompiled the code and never found one, they might have one server side.

And note that your GPS localisation, even if you are in the states, can have more, or less lag. If they servers are in let say California. People in california will have a better PING then people in florida, now under the sea. This is a “Problem” that you will see only during small development test, that the general public should already know.

Maybe, next time you could phrase it like :
I have an ok connection, and sometimes, the game doesn’t predict enought my mouvements. I don’t know if they already have a lag compensation system that is implemented; but i feel like it need some work.

Looking forward for it

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I’m not located in the US, hence horrible horrible (but surprisingly stable) at 260 ping constantly. No fluctuations.

I give my props to gearbox for having (I assume) limited servers up as of now (its closed alpha or even earlier), and STILL having relatively stable servers.

However I get what OP means.
I see how no one here really reads and just wants to give bashing where ever possible.

TheTruCloud mentions "game with zero lag compensation"
I wonder how so many people failed to read the last 2 words. LAG COMPENSATION.

Ping is horrible. We get it. 260 ping shouldn’t be playing with 60 ping. WE GET IT.

What OP means is lag comp.
What is lag comp? It means syncing to both the low and the high ping players.

I bring in blacklight retribution.
In that game, I average 160 ping (once again due the fact that I’m not from the US NOR the EU. And asia servers aren’t up during beta/early live release).

In the beta, I was easily top the scoreboard, mostly due to lag comp. Lag comp helps BOTH sides. Good low ping gets accurate ENEMIES to shoot while bad high ping gets accurate WEAPONS to shoot.

How I assume (I didn’t really read up lag comp except some minor details about it) lag comp works is

  1. High ping players DON’T teleport around (essentially high server refresh rates, refreshing player locations as much as possible) so low ping players WILL see an accurate representation (you always see representation of players in games. 1 to 1 is very hard over the internet. There will ALWAYS be tiny tiny difference. (Ofc very low ping matches have this problem reduced to negligible measurements)

  2. High ping players have more accurate guns by server prediction OR compensation. 260 ping player shoots a 60 ping player and hit is registered on 260 ping player’s screen >>>> 60 ping player SHOULD be damaged.

These 2 points seem to favour high ping players but on the contrary it favours the low ping players.

  1. Less teleporting enemies for low ping players
  2. Less weird death by low ping players due to high server refresh.

And ofc it benefits the high ping-ers as well due to the above mentioned details.

I think this is what OP means or at least what I think he means or close to what he means.
Discuss regarding this instead of going off high horses on how the game is closed alpha and not catering to everyone etc etc.

Let’s talk about lag compensation.

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Pinging us is fine. That’s not what I’m talking about. Discussing other forum users is my main concern here.

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