As much as I love Benedict

(Ericfriedman94) #1

As much as I love Benedict… He’s rediculous without your own Benedict to counter him there’s no stopping him… And I can’t play Benedict every freaking game… And I know I could get teamwork going to take him down buuuut kinda hard when playing with randoms…

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(Raisumo ) #2

Most Benedict’s I vs suck with him. If you came across a very good Benedict player your in trouble though


(Might 94) #3

From what I know, a marquis counters him well. since hes a flying bird afterall.

But if there’s no one who counters him… you’re in a world of hurt…


(THaNaToS_J2) #4

Ghalt, Marquis, Oscar Mike, Caldarius and to some extent a good Isic, Toby, and maybe Montana. Obviously he has a huge advantage over melee characters but anyone who can keep constant fire on him, more so at range (he goes down fairly quick), can counter him or in some cases completely destroy him.
A few matches ago I played against a master of Benedict as Ghalt. Every time I saw that flying furry sob I nabbed him with my pull, stunned, boom boom dead. I’m also lvl 15 with Benedict and 2 “the tours” away from mastering him so I’ve clocked quite a few hours with him.

The problem with balancing him is this: Gearbox looks at the numbers they have, saw Benedict was under performing on average, and gave him a slight buff. That makes the crappy benedicts (which is a few) better, the average players good (which there are a lot of), the good players really good (which there are a decent number of), and unfortunately the few of us that really click with his character become overpowered. But that’s the way balancing works; it sucks, but that’s just what it is.

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(F5 BlackBearD) #5

I’ve honestly never played a benedict better than mine. Only 2 players come to mind that have benedict equal . 99% of them suck, which leads me to believe that why they buffed him.

You have to understand the devs. They are buffing and nerfing characters that don’t need to be changed but due to the complaints by noobs they are changing them.


RATH - he did not need his ult nerfed what’s so ever. He actually sucks and competitive players / teams destroy him. But new players complain about his ult being op. (They just don’t know how to deal with him)

Orendi - out of all the changes she is left untouched. But I’m not surprised, she is in the same class as thorn, as both them are the two best characters in the game. The reason Orendi hasn’t been touched is because 98% of the players suck with her, play against a good Orendi as well as thorn and they can both carry teams on their backs by themselves. They are the only 2 characters that can single handedly 1vs5 a team and win.

Benedict - yes bene is good but most of the complaints about benedict are…


this is why he got buffed and he was in a PERFECT spot and needed no changes.

I have more to add but I’m at work lol


(Ambra's Arbiter) #6

Rath just got a longer cooldown, which makes sense for such a strong ult. Orendi cannot 1 v 5. She gets killed too easily, even with her movement options. (I like to play her with 80p shield and she still dies easily). Benedict was a mistake but everything else was fine. And they’re simply balancing off of the data and what makes sense for the most people, as that’s how they get more people to be happy.


(Guardian_Arias) #7

Marquis USED to counter him well but now marquis only does 190 - 270 dmg with a pin point sniper when Benedict does 250 - 360 dmg with homing missile that do splash damage. Yes i know Marquis does more damage with the die shot but its only a 8.333% overall increase or 12.5% over all at lvl 5 and up.


(Might 94) #8

But still, a instant hit bullet vs a slow moving rocket.

We really do need to consider all factors if we look outside just damage.

A pinpoint sniper that can easily hit crit spots (compared to a slow moving rocket) and a rocket that can hit more than one enemy.

If mentioned this way, it sounds more balanced.

Lastly marquis still can hide in a corner and take pot shots at ben (which is what I do often) and the ben has to run.
Only time I die is when ben manages to come up to my face and melt me with 3 Q rockets and 2 normal rockets. (that’ll melt anyone not just marquis though).


(F5 BlackBearD) #9

lol at Orendi can 1vs5 a team… bro play a lvl 10 Orendi. Its insta kill.


(Guardian_Arias) #10

Its not an instant hit bullet though it has a definite speed. The rounds also inexplicably phase thru targets at random times thats not just marquis though I’ve seen this with every shooter i play. I used to go on average 13-1-9 with both Caldarius and Marquis now marquis is 8-1-18 if not more assist because the spotting owls give random assist on Pendles. LOL I actually got 36 assist on day one of release.


(Might 94) #11

Haha owls are now useful other than finding cloaking sneaky backdooring Oscars. Other than doing crazy damage on stacked owls and the 720 dmg field of utter minion destruction.

And though yes, they have a “speed” somewhat, it’s more or less negligible unless you’re really a bad bad shot or trying to land those consistent headshots.

I’ve not missed a body shot on a fat target and only missed when I’m trying to hit a tiny ambra over the distance.

So with good aim, the speed is quite negligible. Ben… Well we know how slow his rockets fly. I shot a lot down as a Oscar before. Quite hilarious. Though it’s hard, it’s not impossible.


(Ambra's Arbiter) #12

If you clump up, of course. A good coordinated team would never be like that. And I main Orendi, and spam her mutation constantly.



Look. I’m a n00b here, i really need to play more PvP. When i use Benedict i feel completely useless in PvE anyway.
Sure the rockets do a ton of damage, but this character is just bad in PvE. I can’t kill crowds fast enough, his rockets aren’t accurate enough (slow travel time and all), I can’t shoot fast enough, I reload too often. His skills definitely don’t seem to help out any teammates.

Am i doing this wrong? Or is this character just really geared towards PvP?