As reveal stands now, Pendles is pointless to play as

As soneone about to master Pendles, This reveal from Marquises owls and Ambras suns is ■■■■■■■ disgusting. I cant walk 2 feet without being revealed. I try to initiate battle but even after i pop my smoke I become revealed INSTANTLY!?!?!
What happened to the red outline that was working perfectly?

Yeah its kinda weird that the AFK version actually reveal him when the ones you have to aim don’t.

I think the revealing mechanic should be that you are only revealed to the person who has the reveal ability. BUT I think that the person that can reveal should have the ability to “mark” or put some target on people if they manually do so for the rest of the team to see with a period of time that it wears off. We have the ability to ping locations but I’d like to see that ability work like a target system as well.

I just came from a game where he dominated the entire match. His team LOST a teammate and they still WON ( 4 vs 5) because he racked up 24 kills against us. He isn’t “pointless” to play by any stretch. A good pendles can turn the entire game quite easily. In fact, he is probably on the side of overpowered. No one else can just run around at leisure killing everything in sight.

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I completely agree here
he seems to be a bit op with his shield and health. Critical hits mean nothing for this snake. He can take so much damage. And then sadly kills you in three hits. That’s just ■■■■■■■■. Because I have hooked him into a scraptrap and shotgun him in the face doing criticals. He would barley lose any life and then just turns and kills me instantly as if all my work was for nothing. So the guy playing him had to be cheating. Or they need to nerf pendles health and shield because he should not be able to withstand that much damage. Its just stupid. I’m on Xbox by the way.

The real issue is that he is a gamble. You dont know what your enemy is going to play as, but if they have good Reveal it handicapes him unlike any other character.

Only thing worse is a level 10 El Dragon using his “clap” attack to just go through everyone like butter.

Interesting example, I do wonder how a Ghalt vs Pendles would work out in that situation. So crunching some numbers.

Both are level 1, with no gear activated.
Both are at full health and full shields.
Ghalt has a full magazine.
Both land only critical hits.

Start of fight:
Ghalt pulls Pendles into a scrap trap.
Pendles takes 0 damage from the hook and 133 damage from the scraptrap as well as stunning him for 1.5 seconds.
Pendles now has 167 shields remaining and 920 health

While Pendles is stunned.
Ghalt is able to land 3 shots (technically this actually takes 1.62 seconds, but close enough)
It takes 2 shots to break his shield, doing a total of 276 damage (138*2)
The next shot does critical damage doing a total of 207 damage
Pendles now has 0 shields and 604 health.

After Pendles recovers.
The first shot from Ghalt does 207 damage
Any shots after that will do 260 damage due to tactical shells.

This means that Pendles has 1.62 seconds to get away before getting killed. And giving a total time to kill of 3.24 seconds.

Looking at it the other way. Lets assume that Pendles got the jump on Ghalt.
Pendles normal melee attack does 84/84/84/84/117 damage and takes 0.25/0.4/0.4/0.46/0.83 0.3 backswing per combo.

Start of fight:
Pendles opens with Injection doing 200 damage
Ghalt now has 100 shield, 1388 health

After injection:
Pendles hits Ghalt 2 times for a total of 168 damage breaking his shields, taking a total of 0.65 seconds
Pendles than finishes the combo for 428 damage taking a total of 1.99 seconds

Ghalt now has 0 shields and 892 health.

Pendles lands a second combo doing 680 damage over 2.64 seconds.

Ghalt now has 0 shields and 212 health.

Pendles starts a third combo doing 2 attacks for a total of 252 damage killing Ghalt taking a total of 0.65 seconds.

This means that Ghalt has 3.93 seconds to get out of melee range before getting killed. And giving a total time to kill of 5.93 seconds.

Now this doesn’t account for the fact that it’s harder for Melee to land critical hits than for ranged characters, or the fact that Pendles has a larger crit box, or the fact that Ghalt stuns while Pendles only slows.

Now I realize, that this example makes it seem like there is more of a disparity between them than there is in actual gameplay, but it does give a good example of how Pendles actually stands up compared to someone like Ghalt.

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What I said was no example.thats with a 8.60 attack damage gear. Plus a skill gear. And more. It’s actual truth. But with your math it seems ghalt would die no matter what the situation is against pendles. So I guess my only choice is to run. How fun. Like I said pendles needs a shield and health nerf. At least like 10% decrease of his shield and health. But don’t change anything else about him. He is a pretty amazing character. I just feel like he should have less health and shield as he is already hard to kill as it is already.

I am not sure what you mean by this. My math seems to very easily indicate that Pendles would lose handily. However, lets look at an old fashioned beat down. For ease of calculations we will assume both are level 1 and have no gear and have full health and shields, we will also assume that all hits land, and are critical hits. Looking at a worst case scenario we will assume that Pendles sneaks up on Ghalt, and is able to inject him before the fight starts, and that there is no scraptrap on the ground.

Pendles uses injection on Ghalt:
Pendles is now at 300 shields, 920 health
Ghalt is now at 100 shields, 1388 health

Ghalt starts shooting Pendles.
He takes out his shield in 3 shots doing a total of 414 damage over 1.62 seconds
He than shots Pendles with his 4th slug doing 207 damage taking 0.54 seconds
Switching to tactical shells Ghalt hits pendles 3 more times for 780 damage over 1.62 seconds

Pendles starts attacking Ghalt at the same time.
He takes out what is left of Ghalts shield in 2 strikes doing a total of 168 damage in 0.65 seconds
He finishes his first combo with critcal hits doing 428 damage in 1.99 seconds
He then hits Ghalt with 3 critical hits doing 378 damage in 1.05 seconds

Result: Ghalt is standing with 0 shields and 514 health and 1 shell left in his gun
Pendles is dead on the ground with 0 shields and 0 health
Total encounter time: 3.78 seconds


But that doesn’t happen. Ever. Give ghalt a try against someone playing pendles. And then come back here and give me your experience. And if you kill him a bunch of times. Then please, tell me what I’m doing wrong so I can actually kill him myself. I would appreciate so much

He was cheating a stunned Pendles is a dead Pendles he’s far from op and 3 hits far from it and plus he’s almost a perfect counter for ghalt