[AS SOLVED AS CAN BE] Resource Controller resource drop off

How do I turn off the resource controller’s ability to let resource collectors drop off their loads? On the larger ships it tends to be an innate subsystem but not in this case. Thanks.

There should be an ability in the ship fine that controls this, from memory… It references the latch points I think.

Resource dropoff uses dockpaths for the ‘Utility’ family flagged as latches.
Editing the .hod file to delete these is the most direct way to stop dropoff, but a simpler way is to delete or edit out the addAbility(NewShipType,“ShipHold” line in the .ship file.

For controllers and refineries this should have no adverse side-effects, though it would prevent all docking on a carrier for example.

I did test setting a mobile refinery’s resource dropoff rate to 0 and the collectors just ignored it while performing normal harvesting operations.
You can still manually order them to unload in the refinery, after which they detach, still fully-laden and default so parade command. I assume it’s some sort of blind spot in unit behaviour.


Thanks! For the carrier/ms/shipyard I removed the innate module in the SHIP file. I haven’t fully tested the effects however.

I tested this and it doesn’t stop resource collectors from dropping off. It just makes the drop off point not selectable by the player using the mouse.

Did they ignore the dropoff rate or ignore the refinery?

Can I also remove the latch points using a “patch” script? Or can I only add stuff using a “patch” script?

This makes sense as the dockpaths are part of the main ship. I did wonder if they contained some code that enabled unloading but it seems the resource subsystem is just there for the enemy to shoot at and lower the drop off rate.

The refinery. Even when I placed it right next to them they still chose to unload at the more distant flagship.

For latch points? Yes, the loadLatchPointList code can enable/disable them outside the .hod file, the Hiigaran Ion Cannon Frigate .ship file has three instances of it.
I seem to remember reading that you can add extra points without editing the model, but I could be wrong.

But latch points only cover capturing and repairs by external units. Resource collector drop offs use the dockpath system, which is separate from the latch (made more confusing by the fact dockpaths can be flagged as latches.)
To my knowledge those can’t be disabled externally.

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Which parameter is this? I looked at the KUS resource controller’s “ResourceDropOffRate” parameter but it is commented out by default.

It’s an addAbility code, specifically “ShipHold” and the second numerical value.
More details here:

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So, a ship can only have one shiphold, but that shiphold can have multiple dock paths?

That’s right. And you can have multiple paths available to a single dock family, such as resource dropoffs.
The Turanic carrier has two launch paths for fighters but only one for recovery.