As the game now stands

It’s really looking like ‘long term’ fun is not going to be a relevant part of Borderlands 3. I have thousands of hours on Border lands 2 through steam. Borderlands 3 is going to top out at 2 or 3 hundred and done.

I’m still tempted by Borderlands 1 and 2 mainly I suspect because each playthrough varies depending on which weapons you’re lucky enough to get…

Borderlands 3 playthroughs are now boring.


I was kind of thinking the same this morning. Since DLC4 released I’ve played through it one and a half times and just put the game down again.

I’ll likely reset TVHM with at least one or two characters when the fourth trees come out and just play casually without farming much but beyond that I can’t see myself playing this like BL2 either.