As usual Shayne's DlC is the best XD

Balloon animal aurox is just the best thing ever I love it!

These new skins and taunts are awesome. Zorro phoebe lol


Oh my god there’s extra audio!

Can hear squeaky clown shoes and balloon rubbing sounds as you run around XD. And skills now cues carnival music!

This is the BEST

Aaaand sound of balloon deflating when aurox goes down XD

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I’m so buying that skin I love it


It is freaking amazing

Aurox is awesome, but Shayne…it’s like a Stephen King novel come to life. I want to surrender just so I don’t have to look at it anymore.

The fact that her boomerang was left as a regular blade instead of made a joke item like Aurox doesn’t help XD

That’s amazing XD I’ve heard that Rath’s ult plays ice cream music now, so i wonder what the others have owo

Well, Ambra and Kleese don’t have anything else to go along with their new skins. So far all I’ve heard is S&A and Rath are the ones to get the better skins. (Better in terms of more content for the platinum)

Has anyone checked the Marquis skin, it’s also T3 (700 plat) I’d buy it but I’m really bad with Marq…

There’s also a Montana skin for the same price, so it might have something new included. (Alongside the actual skin, that is)