As usual the nerf isn't really a big deal

Moze is still really strong. It seems like the only thing that changed is that you can’t more grenades from grenades themselves? Based off of what I’m seeing Vampyr was changed as well? I’m still getting health back from the Hex some I’m not sure about that one, but I am still able to keep a steady amount of grenades by actually shooting my gun. I know to Moze players this is a very novel concept, but she still has 100% more splash damage with her Blastmaster com and with that she is very strong with guns other than the Flakker and with grenades other than the Hex. I’ve really enjoyed using the Trevanator, Devils Forsum and the Westergun, also the new shotgun in the Bloody Harvest event is really strong on Moze also. My last point I want to make is that it’s okay to be against nerfs on principal, but to act like they’re ruining guns, builds or the game in general is either incredibly disingenuous or just ignorant.


It’s cool you’re not having issues. Some of us are getting sporadic issues with Means of Destruction, unfortunately.


It seems to be more of a bug. Not sure if the shock damage not procing skills was intentional or not, but occasionally the ammo/grenade regen skills just break. I think it has something to do with the new Terror mechanic.

Though I’m still waiting to see Amara nerfs. She’s considered by many to be the strongest VH with three great trees. It seems like Moze is the only one who gets hit repeatedly with the nerf bat, though.


Moze at launch could just chuck Hex’s and not even have to shoot anything, it was very broken. The only issue I’ve seen with Amara though is just that the damage from Ties That Bind isn’t being calculated properly. I’m not really aware of anything else that would need to be changed.

Must be a bug…otherwise she is completely useless.

Means of destruction only works for ammo. You don’t get any grenades back with grenades or any other weapon that deals splash damage.

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I am steadily getting grenades back with my gun splash. No regen from grenades, but I can live with that for now.

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No not for me…don’t get any grenades back.

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Back to WoT….at least they broadcast their nerfs and test them. Seems this cluster ■■■■ of a game makes game breaking changes on a whim and expect everyone to toe the line. Lol…first and last time I buy into this franshit.


Do Harm is causing the issue with Amara.

According to the on-line skill calculator right now:


So If you get regen it’s more likely to be ammo than grenade (~3/5ths to 2/5ths). That’s RNG based though so you’re likely to get runs of either that appear to defy the odds.

I’m glad OP is fine but for me, Means of Destruction is completely broken. Grenade splash nor gun splash regens grenades. The only way I can get more grenades is by ammo box or vendor.

I would be fine with this if her only health regen/combat sustain skill wasn’t tied to grenades.

Which btw, Vampyr seems to working willy-nilly for me. Sometimes I get health back on impact, sometimes I don’t.

For me, on PS4, Moze is currently unplayable. Which sucks bc she is the only character I have so I therefore can not enjoy the holiday event.


I’m on PS4 too. I am having some issues with grenades (same vampyr issue with it being a little sporadic), but the regen is working just fine for me with gun splash. What are you using for your gun splash damage? WIthout grenades regenerating grenades, slower firing guns drop off quite a bit

Thank you but maybe a slight misunderstanding. I meant something else. Many players reporting that means of destruction is not working…I can confirm that. I don’t get any grenades back with grenades or with any kind of weapon that deals splash damage. Only ammo regen works. Seems to be a bug

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OK - time for one of these I guess: support ticket

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Torgue weapons. Maliwan splash weapons. My standard list of things Ive been using.

Torgue now kind of sucks with the low ROF (Flakker still does its job, but only when you are hitting multiple pellets). My westerguns are doing just fine with grenade regen though

Wether Torgue sucks or not(not) is not the point. The point is Torgue weapons which are splash are not triggering MoD for me. Including the Flakker.

Togue does trigger it, but a low ROF gun on something that procs 10% of the time isnt going to proc much. Since nades are definitely not triggering the regen currently, this makes a lot of Torgue a bit lackluster at the moment, but they do proc MOD.

Its a shame, as I adore torgue shotties and pistols in this game, but it is a bit of a stretch to say that they can’t proc MOD currently

Not sure what your saying but I’ll invite you to re-read my original comment.

“Completely Broken”

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