Ascendant and Expedite

Ascendant doesn’t seem to have any interaction with the Expedite Action Skill Augment (ASA) despite the fact that Ascendant states it effects all Action Skill Augments.

It really isn’t a big deal, but it would be nice if they tweaked the wording or added Expedite to Ascendants list of buffed ASAs.

Thanks for reading!

P.S If anyone has an interesting theory as to why they didn’t add Expedite to Ascendants list, I would be happy to hear them!

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I noticed that as well and just assumed they forgot to update the text on Ascendent. Sad to hear it doesn’t work at all

I expect they have so much to do to create new trees that they didn’t realise until now. I know I sure didn’t. Probably best to send a support ticket to let them know.

It’s probably intentional honestly due to how crazy it would be if they buffed it

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