Ascension Bluff door may be opening soon

Earlier on, Randy Pitchford tweeted to look back on everything Gearbox has achieved with Borderlands 3 this year:

Two particular replies caught my eye:

So one person asked about getting a raid boss and another asked directly about the door and to both of them he said to “stay tuned.”

Now, the past few weeks on the Bordercast Mitsu has been hinting that they will be making some kind of announcement on the 31st. He mentioned it to ThiccFilA when he was last on their.

So… Put all this together and I think we might be getting some news about the door in (under) 2 weeks.


Will they fix the HUD Scaling ? /s


As much as I want for the devs to add something substantial to the game, I wouldn’t put too much thought into these comments when the source is none other than Pitchford. It’s always unfortunate to remind that he, the CEO, is not trustworthy and anything he says should be taken with a grain (ton) of salt. As for Mitsu. He has hyped up the Bordercast in similar manners before, just for the info to be inconsequential or nothing new. I wouldn’t put too much thought on what he says either.


The guy could have said any random thing and the answer would have been the same “stay tuned” ofc “stay tuned” there still one dlc to go which may include a takedown


I suppose you’re right. Thanks guys, I’ll keep my hopes in check :+1:

Probably a new raid coming :unamused:

I liked MTD but I still hate GTD (I would try to finish it if it wasn’t for the stupid crystal crap)

I doubt it will be much noteworthy…

Maybe the door unlocks a bug free and balanced game.
(first got to pay for the bug fix dlc and battle big bad battleborg bug behind the door?)


With any luck, opening the door will open up various raid bosses. Or at least that one shown in the IGN game play video from before launch.

With some more luck we’ll get another takedown.

And with the ultimate luck neither of these will be part of the paid season 2 pass or DLC 6.

Edit: If DLC 6 is just adding raid bosses. I’m seriously going to riot.


It would be nice if that were the case, but I doubt it will be.

And not gonna lie, leaving the area empty then adding a raid boss over a year after the game has been out? For those who had the patience to wait I hope they enjoy it, I don’t think most people were willing to wait that long and have already left.


So true…
And sad


I’ll believe it when i see it.
That includes the fixes and other stuff there going to do “if” it happens. Taking it with a grain of salt.


I just like everyone else in this thread would rather see “stay tuned” to refer to bugfixes, skill tree readjustments, and patching up the guardian perk “Hollow Point” to not damage you. You know, amongst the broken AI sequences and graphical bugs and the many red text weapons that remain underworked.


I don’t mind the crystals, I hate the stupid platforms that disappear and move. Oh, and the horrible drop rate for the GTD legendary gear. I hate investing the time/effort for that Takedown just to get Malak’s Bane, Ten Gallon, Berner, etc.


I did a Guardian Takedown yesterday and there was no gear I felt like picking up from either boss. That shouldn’t really happen unless you’ve played the Takedown many, many times IMO. It’s actually quite easy to get a higher number of dedicated drops from the Maliwan Takedown than the Guardian one yet the GT takes two to three times as long as the MT.


It’s so nice of them to charge extra, so that you can access an area that was already included in the base game…


Yep. I’m confident I can take out Wotan and get, at minimum, a combination of Tiggs, Moonfire, Kyb’s, and possibly a Redistributor. Even is these have bad anoints, these still drop. The GTD should be like MTD with its drops, but it’s not. And that should be fixed.


so let’s say it opens you go inside and you fight vermvorous you whip out your ase bonus fire hellwalker or monarch and shoot it in the tail and it dies and that’s it. Exciting?

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Some people want different things. It’s okay for folks to want Raid Bosses nomatter how they kill them.