Ascension Bluff Locked Safe In Small Hut?

Exploring Ascension Bluff and came across a small cabin on a raised clifftop area (Pitterpunk something named area), you must shoot a small nearby target to unlock the door to the hut.

Inside the hut are a dead Bandit, two money chests, a big picture of an oil can, and a small locked safe with an actual oil can on top.

I did some googling and it is not the Typhon dead drop and no one else can seem to figure out how to open it.

Have any of you gotten it open?

Thanks in advance.

Question in blurred text.

I found the place and I thought an incendiary weapon would be the key to solve this… puzzle? Sadly, it didn’t work. My other guess is that maybe the explosion of an incendiary nova or grenade could do the trick, since you would be attacking both the picture AND the oil can. I locked myself up by firing to the target from inside the hut and tried to attack the can with an incendiary shotgun, to no avail.

I’ll be experimenting with other weapons, hopefully someone else will share their findings with us.

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it is an item related to a side mission


Yes, I encountered the same thing only to discover it is related directly to a side mission.