ASE 50% bonus element damage

Ok so I have been wondering I know the sheild and grenade element bonus doesnt stack but does the gun element ase 50% stack? I might be asking a dumb question but curious for a build idea

They will only stack if they are not the same.
So 50% elemental damage for 10 seconds is not the same as 50% elemental next 2 magazines.

Ok so let’s say I have a 50% cyro on ase and then 50% cyro for the next to magazines will they stack or no

They will stack. You’ll get 100% bonus cryo.

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Thank you

any idea if different elements with the same type of ASE anoint type stack, like 50% ase incendiary for 10 sec and 50% ase cryo for 10 sec stack?

Those will stack as long as there different, it reads different so it makes since its applied separately. So youd have 50% of one element and 50% of the other

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ok cool thanks, that’s good to know, so shock and fire at the same time would be a good combo

Yeah like a lot of people have been doing that here latley If there not running a specific build they just want an overall good build. Corrosive and shock are good to. See currently I was running a flak crit build with a shock rowans call with next two magazine with bonus rad dam and ase sheild with corrosive and grenade with cyro so it was just element stack crazy. I would just spam fadeaway lol

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i imagine with Amara’s elemental bonuses that kind of set up would be terrifying (for bandits/maliwan)

Fl4k’s my main tho, and Moze is close second

Rakk Fl4k and Double Cast Amara get to add ASE elements to their action skills.

It. It is as wild as you expect

Adding additional elements using those annointments also has a glitch currently that causes guns with effects that create additional projectiles to create more additional projectiles than they should.

This happens with just about anything that adds bonus elemental damage. Moze’s cloud of lead, so forth and so on. I believe

Currently trying to work on a cryo rakk flak with all jackobs weapons should be funny to see how it works

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My Amara Cast build loves this :joy:

I have always thought about building an amara cast build but idk where to even start the only character I havent maxed out all the way through is zane and he just doesnt seem like my kinda dude to play

Basically. You want everything Skill damage related in the blue true. Then a mix of stuff from green and red for survival and the two bonus element choices. I’m running Blight Tiger in the Heist, but I run Soul Fire Everywhere else.

I have a Band of Sitorak shield to give me Topped Off cooldown as much as possible. Avatar gives me double casts. I have shock ase on my shield, cryo ase on my grenade, and the weird Siren Radiation anointment on my Jakobs Masher and Bekah. So my first cast kinda sucks. But the second one tears things up. A Phasezerker mod ramps up the Do harm Stacks as you keep climbing.

It will actually work pretty well with a good icebreaker mod, and frozen heart is a good shield for that type of build.

It sounds kinda bonkers honestly I’d love to build one but for some reason I keep going back to flakk and I dont think I have one of those sheilds I’d probably need a good anointed one

This should be it mostly

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