ASE Elemental anoints vs Sntnl Cryo/150% Rad anoints

So I am aware of the interaction between multiple ASE elemental anointments and side/ricochet projectiles, in the fact that the more unique ASE elemental anoints you have active, the more side/ricochet projectiles you get from weapons like the Hyperfocus, the Calls, etc.

I am assuming that the 100% cryo sntnl and the 150% rad <50% health also proc these extra projectiles.

That being said, is it true to say that the damage from one of these types of anointments will be better, in most situations, over a straight up 200% ASA damage or 300% damage over 90% health anointments due to the stated extra damage and the extra projectiles also having this damage?

So if the damage is 100 on a hyperfocus, it procs 2 side pellets, so theoretical damage is 300 per shot (100 + 2 x 100). Add 100% cryo sntnl and the damage is (100 + 2 x 100) + (Cryo 100 + 2 x Cryo 100) + (2 x 100) + (2 x cryo 100) as it now procs 4 side pellets, each of which gets the cryo damage bonus, totalling 1000 damage.

Have I got this right? Because, to me that would be better than a straight up 200% damage when action skill is active (200 + 2 x 200) = 600, and better than a 300% over 90% health (300 + 2 x 300) = 900

If I have gotten this wrong, would some knowledgeable person point out where I have gone wrong please.

These topics should help with your questions

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Thanks for the links. I have already read them. They do not seem to answer my question regarding extra projectiles and elemental anointments, which is why I started this thread.

I am interested in the extra projectiles produced by these anointments. Particularly on the Hyperfocus, which is not detailed in @Prismatic 's thread.

Any help with this specific area is appreciated. I am unsure whether the test dummy is wholly suited to testing this and need some help.

Mods, please move this thread to Loot & Weapons if it will be best served there.

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Just have to work the math out. Use the formulas to see when 200% ASA is better than 100% SNTL or 150% <50%. It depends on your weapons, what you are fighting, and what VH you are.

For example:

  1. 300v2 is great against bosses with multiple bars, but bad against a single bar boss or anointed.
  2. Are you able to maintain the 150% buff?
  3. Are you Zane for the 100% cryo?
  4. What action skill are you using for your chosen VH? Some don’t have a “Duration” to be active.
  5. Does an extra projectile actually help with what you are fighting against? Can you make it ricochet?
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Thanks for your replies but I am still not getting the information I am requesting.

This question is specifically about the extra projectiles that come from elemental anointments on weapons that have unlisted projectiles. I am focusing on the Hyperfocus specifically. Please assume that I am able to use the anointments (i.e. I satisfy the requirements of being Zane with drone, or am under 50% health for the rad anointment). Also assume that I am able to hit these extra projectiles to achieve theoretical max damage.

I am trying to determine if:

a) the 100% cryo sntnl and the 150% rad <50% health anointments proc extra unlisted projectiles in the same way that ASE elemental anointments (10 sec OR 2 mag) do.

b) if they do, is the damage bonus from the anointment applied to the extra unlisted projectiles.

Once this has been determined, it will be easier to make a comparison of damage between these anointments on these types of weapons versus the 200% active AS or 300% >90% health anointments on the same weapons.

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