Ashbweh's Orendi Guide

Ashbweh’s Orendi Guide

Orendi is bae, and I’m gonna try and help everyone else realise that. In this guide, I will explain helix choices, gear and general play style tips in as much detail as possible. Feel free to criticize, debate and tell me how I can improve the guide for next time!

Skills And How To Use Them (with videos)

[details=Nulify]Unleashes a burst of energy that deals X damage and propels Orendi backwards from the blast.

Nulify is Orendi’s defensive skill and is used to get her out of sticky situations. It can be used offensively, however it is very risky as players will typically pick up on the fact you have used Nullify and jump on you. It is much safer to run in and Nulify out than to Nulify in and run out. You have to be aware of your surroundings, checking your minimap for people rushing or flanking and have to be aware of any obstacles. It’s good to know at all times where the best place to Nulify and escape is. Here’s a little clip of where I used Nulify effectively (btw I was watching a stream so I wasn’t focusing and got caught off guard :stuck_out_tongue:) [/details]

[details=Shadowfire Pillar]After 1.5 seconds, summons a mighty pillar of shadow and flame at a target location, dealing X damage

Shadowfire Pillar is your main source of burst damage, and to be top dawg you gotta really get good at pillar placement. A lot of it is about predicting where your enemy is going to be when you land the pillar. Nobody is perfect and you’re not going to land them all, but with practice you should be hitting most. You should always be putting your Shadowfire Pillar behind the target, as they won’t be able to see it, making it difficult for them to dodge.

When Should You Use Shadowfire Pillar?

  • I typically only use 1 Shadowfire Pillar on the minion wave, it’s usually enough and allows me to use my next one on an enemy.

  • Use it on a stunned enemy, usually everyone is attacking the stunned target so it should burst them down quite nicely. They’re also completely still so you shouldn’t miss!

  • You should almost never use it on full health targets or as an initiation. This is because when someone gets hit by a pillar, they’re just going to retreat. Use your primary attack to whittle the enemy down and use the Shadowfire Pillar to finish the target off.

  • Using a Shadowfire Pillar - Paradigm Shift combo on a low health target is very effective. If you place a pillar that you know you’re going to hit, go straight into a Paradigm Shift and the target will most likely die.

Here is a little clip of just a basic bit of pillar placement. [/details]

[details=Paradigm Shift]Conjures an intense blast of energy directly in front of Orendi, dealing X damage to enemies caught in the blast.

Paradigm Shift is pretty much used to finish off low health targets when your Shadowfire Pillar is off cooldown. It’s quite a simple skill to use and deals a lot of damage.

Once you hit level 10 however, Paradigm Shift becomes a weapon of mass destruction with Pillarstorm. Catch people who are grouped up and off guard and you can easily pick up a few kills with it.

I don’t have a Pillarstorm clip, but I have Paradigm Shift clip showing when to use it. [/details]

Helix Choices

I will be swaying away from the Pillarstorm abusing playstyle (especially as it is being nerfed) and will be focusing more on the Shadowfire Pillar playstyle.

[details=Level 1]Fire Walk With Me - Nulify’s propulsive burst produces a trail of fire on the ground, +210 damage over 5 seconds

Burned And Busted - Casting Shadowfire Pillar reveals all cloaked enemies in the area around Orendi for 3 seconds

This choice is dependant on the enemy team comp. If there is a Pendles, or there are 2 or more cloakable characters, then take the reveal. Otherwise the Nulify dot is the only other choice. The reveal is probably the best reveal in the game, making Orendi a good counter-pick for cloakable characters. [/details]

[details=Level 2]Dismissed! - Adds a push effect to Nulify

I Hate Your Pretty Eyes - Enemies hit by Nulify are blinded for 1 second

Nulify is a defensive skill, and a lot of players go with the blind. I prefer the push back because if your back ends up against a wall or if you’re body blocked, then a push back will save you but a blind will not. Try not to use Nulify on the minion waves as it will spread them out and make it harder to hit your aoe on the minions. The blind can be useful for freezing the minion waves, but I would still take the push back effect. [/details]

[details=Level 3]Cadence - Increase Orendi’s attack speed by 10%

Mind Bullets - Chaos Bolts’ secondary burst attack homes in on enemies in close range

Oh That Reminds Me - Activating Nulify prompts Orendi’s shields to immediately begin recharging

An attack speed increase is nice, but her primary attacks aren’t her main source of damage, especially with the attack damage nerf. Her secondary attack doesn’t hit very hard so there’s no point in taking it.
I go with the shield recharge upon Nulify, as it synergizes well with health regen gear. After Nulifying, in 5 seconds you will get back 300 shield and 105 health (using blue health regen gear). It’s assumed that her shields stop recharging upon getting hit, but this is incorrect. [/details]

[details=Level 4]Preamble Of Pain - Shadowfire Pillar deals damage over time to nearby enemies before detonation

Encore - For 5 seconds after using Shadowfire Pillar, Orendi may cast a second Shadowfire Pillar dealing half as much damage

Preamble of pain is the strongest choice here. It’s much easier to hit the dot than a second Shadowfire Pillar, it applies to Pillarstorm at level 10, and can proc Bola’s Target Finder. There’s no debate about this choice.[/details]

[details=Level 5]Prognostication - Increases Gnosis’ cooldown reduction effect

Renaissance - Gnosis reduces the cooldown of Paradigm Shift

Prognosticombo - Activating Shadowfire Pillar reduces Nulify’s cooldown by 5 seconds (does not apply to
the second Shadowfire Pillar from Encore)

As I said earlier, I’m not one to go for the Pillarstorm abusing playstyle, so Renaissance is out of the question. Prognosticombo is the best choice here as it allows you to use your skills in a nice combo, Shadowfire Pillar into a Nulify (which reduces the cooldown of Shadowfire Pillar), then you chuck another Shadowfire Pillar out, reducing the cooldown of Nulify.[/details]

[details=Level 6]Nihilsm - After activating Nulify, the next Shadowfire Pillar will have no cast time (does not apply to Pillarstorm)

Instant Gratification - Shadowfire Pillar instantly detonates, but deals 35% less damage

Shadowfury - Increase Shadowfire Pillar’s base damage by 15%

Decreasing Shadowfire Pillar’s damage is the worst thing you could possibly do, so Instant Gratification is a nono. I’m gonna come out and say Nihilism is absolutely broken, being able to deal about 700 damage, which is instant, unavoidable and easy to hit is just ridiculous. It takes the skill required to play Orendi away and it needs to be nerfed. If you can hit your Shadowfire Pillars, then take Shadowfury, but if you can’t hit your Shadowfire Pillars, then still take Shadowfury and get some practice in :stuck_out_tongue: [/details]

[details=Level 7]Force Of Will - Increase the damage of all skills by 15%

Essence Theft - All skills heal Orendi for 15% of the damage dealt

Orendi’s survivabilty with the previous helix choices and gear should be enough, so quite simply take the damage buff.[/details]

[details=Level 8]Rapid Deterioration - Decrease Nulify’s cooldown time by 20%

Stay…Right…There - For 2 seconds after activating Nulify, Orendi’s basic attacks slow enemies

Nulify is a defensive skill, so for the two seconds activating you’re probably not going to hit much. More Nulifying means more activation of Gnosis, meaning more casting of Shadowfire Pillars, so go with Rapid Deterioration. [/details]

[details=Level 9]Shadowfire Storm - Decreases Shadowfire Pillar’s cooldown time by 20%

Faster Faster Faster Faster - Each enemy hit with Shadowfire Pillar briefly increases Orendi’s movement speed by 3% for 7 seconds (up to 12%)

I Hate Your Pretty Shields - 60% of damage dealt by Shadowfire Pillar penetrates enemy shields

You shouldn’t be using Shadowfire Pillar on shielded enemies so the shield pen isn’t too useful. The movement speed isn’t bad, but I would take the cooldown reduction since Shadowfire Pillar is your burst main damage, so having it more often is obviously really nice. [/details]

[details=Level 10]Thought Rejection - enemies hit by Paradigm Shift are pushed back and blinded

Pillarstorm - Activating Paradigm Shift places a Shadowfire Pillar under each nearby Battleborn in range

Reign Of Chaos - Activating Paradigm Shift instantly resets Shadowfire Pillar’s cooldown

Paradigm Shift is used to kill, so a push back and blind is not useful. Resetting the cooldown of Shadowfire Pillar is nice, but Pillarstorm is the best level 10 helix in the game, even when it gets a nerf. Pillarstorm all the way (unless you haven’t unlocked the mutation, then take Reign Of Chaos). [/details]


[details=Health Regeneration]Health Regen is a must have for me. Orendi’s small health pool means health regen gear is very effective, and as I stated in the helix choices, it works well with her level 3 shield recharge after Nulify. Once your Health Regen gear is active, you almost never have to lleace the battlefield as you should no longer need to teleport back to base. Here is the health regen gear I use.

View on[/details]

[details=Skill Damage]Orendi’s main source of burst damage is from her skills, so a buff from gear is also a must have. There are a few skill damage pieces I use, but I would go with the green Eldrid piece.

View on
View on
View on[/details]

[details=Shard Generator]There are two 0 cost Shard Generators that are effective for Orendi, which can help get your gear quicker and buy buildables with.

View on
View on[/details]

Maximum Health

Orendi has one of the lowest health pools in the game, so if you’re struggling to survive then take Max Health gear over a Shard Gen.
View on
View on
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[details=Legendary Gear]I personally am not a fan of using Legendary Gear, especially as it is not used in competitive games, however I will suggest some Legendary Gear that works well with Orendi.
View on
Bolas Target Finder is the strongest gear in the game and works especially well with Orendi since it procs off of Preamble at level 4.

View on
Firmware can make it possible to constantly chuck out Shadowfire Pillars and Paradigm Shifts, making it very useful for Orendi.[/details]

Overall , I would run the blue Eldrid Health Regeneration, green Eldrid Skill Damage and a 0 cost Shard Generator.
I see a lot of Orendi players running two pieces of Legendary Gear and a 0 cost Shard Generator, however this makes Orendi very easy to kill, and takes her out of the game as you have to leave to get shards a lot.

General Tips

  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • If you’re not casting or sprinting, then you should be using her primary attack since there’s no reload
  • Don’t always rush your Shadowfire Pillar, hold it in your hand for a split second and get good with your timing and placement
  • Don’t hold on to your Paradigm Shift, especially at level 10. I’m not saying don’t use it whilly-nilly, but make sure you actually use it at some point in the game :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Cancel your Shadowfire Pillar animation with your primary attack. It’s very easy to do, once you press the button for the second time just start using primary attack and it will work!

I think that’s pretty much all I can think of saying. I hope this was helpful for at least one person, new or veteran. Let me know if you would like to see more of these guides (or not), and thanks for reading :slight_smile:


In PvP, if I’m not using legendaries, then usually I run a…

  • 0 cost shard gen
  • A flawed purple Jennerit battery
  • And a purple LLC or Eldrid skill damage

This I find is a nice balance of cost, survivability, and damage. Plus even with sub-par team healing or none at all, I find Orendi to be one of the least dependent on health reg. Her small size, mobility, and mid range style combat makes it really hard to dip into her health with gear up.

  • You may want to talk about how Nullify can be used offensively because of Gnosis. Making the other options on level 2 and 5 potentially more appealing.
  • I never seem to be able to do this on PC with a controller.

And personally I’m always down for well written guides like this one.

A lot of people do say about the Health Regen, I think it’s more of a personal preference and it seems to work for me![quote=“khimerakiller, post:2, topic:1560806”]
You may want to talk about how Nullify can be used offensively because of Gnosis. Making the other options on level 2 and 5 potentially more appealing.

Yeah, I did kinda mention how it can be used offensively slightly and the disadvantage of it, but maybe I should have went into a bit more detail for it!

Strange, might have to ask someone on PC about that, it works every time o PS4!

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

I’d like to see more like this guide. It’s clear, detailed and concise all at the same time. Good job.

Get off your phone at work!

Can I just say that, once Pillarstorm gets nerfed, Reyna’s Huddle Up should be considered the next best level 10 mutation (and really, helix)?

I mean, they both make or break pushes, but difference is, Reyna is likely not due for a nerf in any shape, and if anything a buff to some of her helices…

Is this the one that grants overshields to nearby allies? If so then after the nerf, Pillarstorm will still be more influential, but not quite to the ridiculous level it is now! Reyna’s bubble won’t be killing anyone, it’s very useful but I don’t think it will be the absolute best level 10!

Meh, I can’t solidify my current stance since we don’t know how Pillarstorm will be nerfed. But assuming there’s less damage on the pillars (at least), Reyna’s would be better imo. You’re right; no one will die, in fact, the whole team will be saved! A 400+ overshield (300-400 if you take CC cleanse IIRC) with 400+ health (or damage amplification if you’re feelin it)! And the bubble itself! The team could make a bounce back with that as long as they’re close to Reyna. Even if only 4 get the boost, the fifth member is likely running away, shooting from a distance, or teleporting – in all instances, he’s safe.


While you’re right it is a nice save, but will require a lot of work to make it game changing, compared to Pillarstorm being a press of a button at the right time!

I also see Reyna’s as more balanced…

and it’s not that much work… Actually, if you literally said “huddle up”… it’d probably go through well. This assumes in both uses of both ultimates there’s a coordinated team on the ult user’s side. Reyna’s really is a press of a button, too.

You’re right, which is why it’s getting a nerf!

Just to give your team an overshield for a few seconds? It’s nice but it’s not quite Pillarstorm level!

Pillarstorm still works well without a coordinated team

Before and after the nerf. Then again, I don’t know what the nerf is.

More than just an overshield, it’s her skill.
It’s the single most important skill Reyna has, and now you’re granting it to anyone relatively close to you.

Pillarstorm works well without a coordinated team.

I think you misunderstood. That’s also part of the reason it’s getting nerfed. But anyways, my point was that a coordinated team would suit Reyna’s better.

Let’s just agree they’re both very strong in their own ways :joy:

Mutation, maybe. Overall helix, no. That goes to Attikus’ Wake of Devastation.

Completely forgot about that. Even then, I would dispute it a bit. Still, that’s more of an upgrade than a game changer.

But that’s a topic for another time…

@Ashbweh agreed

“Prognosticombo is the best choice here as it allows you to use your skills in a nice combo.”

I thought Prognostication was the better choice…?

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It allows you to throw down two Shadowfire Pillars in a tighter space of time, but it’s not too relevant when combined with other cooldown reduction gear helixes, especially Shadowfire Storm at level 9.

Prognosticombo allows you to reset your combo earlier so you can use it more frequently.


I think there are many styles that can fit Orendi just fine and it appears I have a very different outlook than most that have posted on here.

I like to concentrate my play style on a flurry of offensive pressure which forces my opponent to back up INTO my shadowfire pillars. Since I’m concentrating on anticipation with my pillars, I veer more towards multiple pillars, faster regeneration of pillars, and higher base damage.

Level 4 - Encore - I’m anticipating where my opponent will be, the DoT before detonation doesn’t fit my play style. With Encore I can throw 2 pillars to keep them disoriented and have a greater chance of hitting them or hitting multiple targets

Level 5 - Prognostication - I am very Pillar heavy in my attacks so with this choice it makes Pillars almost instant cooldown once you use nullify. With this choice I can now use the combo of Shadowfire - Shadowfire - Nullify - Shadowfire - Shadowfire, maybe 5 seconds of jumping and attacking (more on this in the gear section - movement speed) then back to my specials.

Level 6 - Shadowfury - Once again, I like to keep my opponent backing up so I prefer the 15% base damage to all my Pillars instead of an instant detonation

Epic Skill Dmg w/ Health - or Bola if you have it
Epic Shield w/Skill Dmg

The 3rd piece of gear is always low cost and can be rotated on playing style.

Shard Generator - If you’re using the Bola then go shard generator every time. If you don’t have the Bola then continue to the rest of the choices

Shield Recharge Rate (survivability) - Pairs amazingly with Level 3 “Oh That Reminds Me”. Every time you use Nullify you basically have a new shield once you hit the ground.

Attack Damage - This is always nice to keep them on their toes between specials and helps clear turrets a lot easier.

MOVEMENT SPEED (My Secret Weapon) - Do Not Overlook This!!! - I find myself using this as my second most choice behind Shield Recharge Rate. Once again, I prefer in your face offense that disorientates and frightens my opponents. Orendi is fragile in the health department so I need my opponent thinking about FLIGHT over fight.
Think about this scenario - Orendi is already a small target, now she’s moving and hopping like a rabbit on speed and throwing constant pillars, running in to nullify you, more pillars, chaos bolts, pillars, nullify, pillars, ULTIMATE. If you survive that I’m going to keep attacking and attacking and attacking. It’s frightening and not fun to deal with. AND, if you can get good at running in on people to make your Nullify an offensive maneuver, then blinding your enemy on Level 2 can cause serious confusion rather than pushing a fleeing opponent further away from you. PLUS if you get just a hair into the minion caravan you can freeze those all minions where they stand instead of scattering them about with the Nullify push.

Just my two cents. I’m far from being anybody in the gaming community but I have been playing Orendi since the beginning and these are things that work for me.

P.S. Gotta agree about the Pillarstorm. If you’re not using it on level 10, then you’re missing out.

I usually place my pillars behind them, but not too far so that most/all of the dot hits along with the final blast. The problem I see with encore is that you’re not as likely to hit two pillars, especially on a target that’s sprinting away, and the dot does more damage than the second pillar. It also procs Bola’s if you use it.[quote=“schwy85, post:18, topic:1560806”]
these are things that work for me

Nice reading your stuff, it’s interesting to read other playstyles and perspectives. Like I said in the OP, I’ve always ran health regen on Orendi when almost nobody does, but it works for me! But yeah keep doing the things that work for you :slight_smile:

Are you on ps4 btw?

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I didn’t really think about it that way, if they’re getting hit by the pillar then they’re also getting hit by DoT. I think I’d still have to stick with my double pillars because it eats up more time since I choose Prognostication instead of Prognosticombo. More purple equals more confusion :fearful:

Definitely a thousand ways to play this crazy little witch!

No, Xbox.

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