Ashbweh's Orendi Guide

(Rasterranger) #21

After testing pillarstorm post nerf I think reign of chaos is the best level 10 for orendi. Pillarstorm has to many downsides to be useful. The time to perfectly use it is to rare and to inconsistent. Gearbox has given everyone enough time to dodge it that no more than on person should be hit by it. Since only one person is getting hit by the pillar I would rather take the free cool down and place it where I want and not have reduced diameter. Over the lifetime of the game reign of chaos will put out more damage if you can hit your pillar.


(The Title Master) #22

Yeah in the patch notes I read the bulletpoints only and not the paragraph. Turns out the Pillar comes AFTER the Paradigm Shift. It’s absolutely awful now and will really only work in very specific situations. I’ll try it out some more and see what I can do but at this moment I agree that the free cooldown is better!

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(schwy85) #23

So, I have to admit you’re right. I’ve abandoned my reckless pillar flurry and concentrated on Preamble of Pain and Prognosticombo and am doing 5K to 7K more damage every match. I’ve also switched over to Codex Fragment over Bola’s for the extra Health, paired with Epic Shield Recharge w/ Skill Damage, and a Free Shard Gen

100% sure this change has refined my entire Orendi play style. I’m making smarter choices instead of throwing out as much offense as possible and am seeing 2 or 3 less deaths on average. Glad I gave this a try because I didn’t think I could improve my Orendi style any more, but it just shows there’s always room to learn.


(The Title Master) #24

That’s good to hear man thank you :slight_smile:

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