Asia server is removed?

Hey developer

Is this true? in two days ago, me and my team find out, when we wanna shoose a game server when story mode or private match, we cant see Asia East, did you removed Asia server? Now me and my friends will stand high delay in every game mode, even we group up doing story mode.

As i know, still have many asia player in this game, and this number still grow up, in my country, my team still keep seaching active player and put them together in social app, even many people go to US server or EURO server, but sometimes we will group up, no one can stand lag, so, pls dont removed Asia server, we need this!

Or its just temporarily closed and doing server maintenance? really hope so, pls give us this good news, i would like to share this with my friends.


yes,i met the same thing

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is Japan part of Asia east?
I would imagine it is unless they have their own server
Japan’s Free Trial is going live on the 13th
and i doubt they would put that effort forward if they didnt have a server
so maybe wait till then

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I come from Asia too,we need Asia East Server,plz dont remove it。

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Hey @Jythri there’s a server missing.

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Toby enters dressed like Sherlock Holmes, and carrying a gigantic magnifying glass.

I’m on the case!



Rated "R" (for “rip roaring good time!”)


The Australian / NZ community needs Asia East as well. The only legitimately competitive PS4 games for us happen on those servers.

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So AE isn’t Japan?
If not then it’s the pacific island chain, NZ and AU?

Thanks for reply, no need to guess, AE must be include japan, and there have AU server in this game
And, are you developer?@Vicks_Toire

Just as info: Dev´s have orange names & orange boxes/frames arround their posts, moderators have purple names & frames (might be not visible on phone).

Search out for developers and dev-post here

Pinging @Jythri regarding the servers :heart:


Can confirm about that the phone doesn’t show what you say

Thought I went crazy for a second…

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Australia has (or had, I haven’t checked) its own server set. but PS4 matchmaking code prevents it ever realistically being used in a public match, because the majority of players in Aus prime time are closer to Asia East - and it often swings to a US server anyway.

In my ~500 hours of Battleborn PVP, I might have landed on the Australian server maybe ten times

Edit: I understand though that the issue here is with the server options in private match, which have been bugged before (for a time after the Winter Update, they did nothing at all.) It may be the server is still there and the option just isn’t appearing