Asking for advice on my Krieg build

I’ve made a Explosive Bloodlust-Hellborn build I want to use

Gears I use rn are

Swordsplosion/Carnage(Main damage gun)
Slow hand(slag)

Quasar(singularity+setting myself on fire)

Rough Rider

Legendary Reaper COM

no melee at all…the plan is to never use Blood Axe Rampage unless I want to go from A to B more quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

I originally had Elemental Empathy specced, but I realized after a bit that I wasnt really making use of it very much since most of my DOTs are shock and they dont last very long
and since my main gun is explosive, I usually only get DOTs in combat by throwing the Quasar

therefore I thought about two ways to solve this

original build:

1st solution build:

I basically give up a point in Strip the Flesh to get Raving Retribution

2nd solution build:

I give up Elemental Empathy and Elemental Elation and decide not to really use DOTs
instead I get Salt the Wound and Flame Flare

I may switch to a Slag Singularity with this build, since I only need to set myself on fire
I take flame flare to compensate for less chance for setting myself on fire(I could move that points to somewhere else tho after testing)

so what do you guys think? which would you recommend? is Raving Retribution good enough at healing you/keeping yourself on fire?

I’m not using a FotF because of the screen shake and the fact that I dont want FotF to be killing enemies,its an explosive gun build after all and I want my explosive guns to be the ones killing them

also as you can see Im still undecided on my last weapon
I’m thinking of florentine but then I may take out Slow Hand so thatll still leave a slot open

I could go with the Harold but I find it a bit boring…
any weapon recommendations? Ive checked the Top Gear threads as well but I still cant really decide…

edit: I’m playing on OP0 btw
not really interested in going to OP8…

you could try this

as an alternative, you could use a hellfire


This is almost exactly my Volcano build ^.^ , but anyway, I’ve done quite a bit of testing for that and the spec I like the most is this one. Rationale behind a few skill things:

  • Raving Retribution is super awesome, espically if you have no fire weapons in your build. it hels a lot for procing self ignition, EE, and, crutially Elemental Empathy (you shouldnt really bother taking elemental empathy unless you also take RR for this build IMO)
  • I recomend you don’t take Salt the Wound becasue you lose all stacks when you hit max health, and since most of you’re healing is coming from Thrill of the Kill, you won’t ever build up enough stacks for it to really be worth it.
  • Fire Feind isn’t really that great on this kind of build because most of the guns that are really good for it are already very accurate (espically the swordsplosion) and/or have fixed spreads.

Gear stuff:

  • I recomend taking the kerblaster over the ogre; they do comperable damage, but the kerblaster is easier to get, is easier to use (espically with all of the visual pollution this build generates), has larger thrill of the kill procs, and procs BB more reliably
  • The FotF is a good shield that can work in this build, but I’ve had a lot more success with the RR; it allows you to engage enemies from much further away
  • the Slow Hand is a great gun, and it worsks well for this build, but if/when you swap to using the carage over the SS, I recomend you stop using it, the slagga is a better slag weapon when you have kill skills (notably fuel the fire) up and it dosen’t pull from the same ammo pool as your primary weapon, additionaly, the Slow Hand dosen’t proc Bloodbath. That said it’s kinda poor as a slag weapon without fuel the fire, so you might want something like the pimp to slag before you have kill skills
  • a quasar/ slag weapon is the combo that feels the best to me, based on my testing; using a slag singularitiy is nice, but the delay on the slag and low-ish slag chance is really annoying, additionaly there really arn’t enough spare points to grab flame flare in my opinion.
  • picking a 4th weapon is really hard if you chose to use the slow hand, I never really found anything i really liked. the Dpuh might be good choice in OP0 (it suffers from very weak Thrill of the Kill procs), but you could also do simething like taking both the ogre and kerblaster or grab a hellfire like X suggested
  • you didn’t mention Relics, but I recomend taking an Explosive Relic, or a Blood with shotgun and AR ammo

Some alternitives:

  • The Omen is actually pretty good for this build, it’s damage isn’t as good as the carnage or SS, but it does no self damage and scales better with the fire rate buffs
  • you can actually get away with a regular (slag) tediore grenade or transfusion, I think it’s worse than quasars, but the instant slag with no swaping is nothing to sniff at (though I do recomed runing them with a slag pimp or the like, having a bad time with the first enemy is annoying)
  • a regular Torpedo is surprisingly good in this build, it’s obviosly not as good as the kerblaster, but there is less risk of killing yourself with its nuclear child nades, so that’s a thing.

When I change from my current Mania/Hellborn build (which has no points in Bloodlust) I might give these builds a try. I have Kerblasters, SwordSPLOSIONS and DPUH to spare- getting an on level Carnage is still a goal though…

yup I tested it out and Raving Retribution is pretty good at healing/keeping me on fire…it even killed some of the weaker mobs which I actually didnt like LOL

its a pretty nice skill tho so Ill probably get Raving Retribution

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yeah RR DoT is pretty nice
i use it very frequent in my hellborn builds

Hey thanks for the really detailed reply!
I knew you had a Volcano build article but I thought it was a build centered on Volcano…:stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah I shouldve looked at your build first haha it does help a lot

i did alter my build a bit
found Swordsplosion is pretty accurate already even without Fire Fiend
and I have high points in Fuel the Fire because I was temporarily using the Florentine…but…it was giving me trouble slagging without Fuel the Fire…so probably gonna replace it with a slag pimpernel

two more question tho…

my build is close to your build but I didnt put any power in Pain is Power…
since like when a Ultimate Badass Psycho appears alone(like in Frostburn Canyon) I usually slag and crit them with the Swordsplosion, making them go down in 1~2 hits even without Blood Bath…
so I do utilize crits in some occasions
so I’m not sure if Pain is Power would be that useful for me, but I dont have much experience in Pain is Power+explosive
is it still good even if I use crits sometimes?

also I find I rarely get above 10 stacks of Elemental Elation…
is it really useful even when ~10 stacks?(Im mostly concerned about Fire rate, not the magazine size…)

if not I may just give points to Burn, Baby, Burn/Fuel the Fire/Pain is Power

what’s your opinion on this?

they still should get bonuses from bloodbath, krieg isn’t a char with the constant need of aiming, so the explosive weaponry shouldn’t be too much affected

Theorically, you get a 85% buff (having 5/5 EtP) in FR so yeah, it is still useful
it is hard to get the EElation stacks since the DoT is timed though

pinging @Gulfwulf , he could add more info on this :smiley:

No problem, glad I could help.

Don’t worry about not seeing my build, it’s interesting to see a different perspctive on the same type of build!

a lot of the go-to slag weapons have super high slag chances as it is, so they don’t require many points in Fuel the fire, you don’t nessisarily have to drop the forlentine either, if that works for you, you could do what I did and use 2 slag wepons: the florentine fro when you have killskills and the pimp for when you don’t, but that’s only if you don’t have another really good option for the 4th weapon.

My build is build around using the Carnage and Kerblaster mostly, so I don’t have to worry about the crit penalty from PiP, but for your build it’s kinda up to you, the way PiP works is for most weapons, it just holds their crit damage level while buffing up the non-crit damage, if that dosen’t make a lot of sence you can check out this post but I really need to update that, it’s sort of a mess right now.

To be Honest, I’ve never really paid that much attention to my EE stacks, but I’ve never had problems with my guns shooting too slow. Honestly for the Carnage and SS it’s really not that important because you can 1-2 shot most enemies anyway, but for stuff like the Kerblaster or Omen it’s significantly more important, to what degree, I’m not really sure, it’s not something I’ve tested, though I probably should.

yeah its not too easy to get/keep Elemental Elation stacks…but 50% fire rate is still pretty good true
I guess I’ll keep it

Florentine wasnt too bad at killing things either, and it did pretty good after the killskills, but it also does have a smaller AOE
my reason for having Slow Hand was the bigger AOE
I think I’ll just get the Pimpernel and start using that

I saw your thread and that’s pretty interesting…no ‘actual’ penalty on crits huh
I guess I’ll take Pain is Power then haha

hm I may put only 4 points on Elemental Empathy to get 1 point in Flame Flare tho

cus 1. thats one more Raving Retribution-aka one more chance to set myself on fire again(I do run out of fire quite a bit still)

  1. I always feel 5 seconds is a bit low(tho 6 probably isnt too high for me either)

  2. it makes it slightly different than your build :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah thanks for the help everyone
I’ve been looking at articles here for a while but first time actually posting one haha

feel free to ask as much as you want my friend :smiley:

I’m going to have to mess around with EE and Flame Flare too, I picked up PiP later while I was developing it so I never really concidered the compariaosn between the first 2

You’re the barbecue man. :stuck_out_tongue:

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so as I thought
1 points on Flame Flare is still pretty short
and I still find myself running out of fire pretty often
so I’ll probably give a few more points to it…

probably gonna play around between


the latter inspired by the revised Volcano Build(really honored about the mention btw haha)

also I did get a Kerblaster and tried it, its pretty cool
so I decided to put that as my 4th weapon

Slag Pimpernel

and will have some weapons like Hornet/Slow Hand/Florentine in the backpack

the reason I didnt replace Ogre with Kerblaster is that I use the Ogre for when an enemy is so close to me that I cant use the Swordsplosion lest I insta-kill myself with it
and Kerblaster would create a similar issue

(Ofc a Harold would be ideal for this situation but…harold…eh…aside from the fact that its the Harold and Im probably gonna use it often on other characters anyway I’m not really a fan of Torgue pistols in general…maybe other than a Pocket Rocket)

kinda Ironic I use a shotgun for long range and a rifle for short range but whatever
Krieg is supposed to be messed up anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

not really related to this build
but if youre just interested in setting yourself on fire(so not accounting for healing/damage)
which one would be better
Chain Lightning, or Storm Front?

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I’d go Storm Front for mobs, Chain Lighting for everything else. The fact that it tends to home in on enemies, regenerates your grenades and has a 0.0 fuse time are great benefits as well. While your build is focused on explosive weapons do you take any N.E. versions of quest weapons along (thinking mainly of the Lady Fist, Fibber etc.)?

ah thank you

the Storm Front vs Chain Lightning question was for a different build I have in mind tho

also I dont have any of them on my inventory rn, but I’m doing a replay with the build
and I’m gonna be doing every single side quest
so I probably will get my hand on them at one point
tho I’m not sure if Id be able to use Lady Fist or Fibber to much effect with all the visual pollution(or Chaos as I like to call :stuck_out_tongue:)

is there any that you recommend that I use?

I’m confused. I’m the BBQ or the Master Chef? xD

Yeah, PiP shouldn’t hurt that much Torgue stuff.
What I don’t know if the EtP plus EElation FR buffs are stackable (10/5 EtP=70% + 110% EElation w/ legendary torch, does that give 180% FR buff?)

@the_Nocturni Storm Front or Quasar about setting our meatman on fire. Other thing: if you get PiP, the lady fist shoud get penalizations, i’m not sure though

yeah thats another reason I dont think Lady Fist/Fibber will work out so well…
tho I havent tested it out…

tho…Lady Fist has insane crit but low damage
would be interesting to see how it performs after a Blood Bath Proc…(through other means ofc)

toss a storm front to the sanctuary dummy and you’ll get bb proc
then you can test the penalizations

non elemental Win-Win Lady Fist
Hyperion Grip

PiP+no fire


no PiP

I didnt turn BAR off tho
I just wanted to see if it did get penalized or not
and it seems it does

Im probably gonna test again without BAR