Asking for advices on skills and synergies

Hello everyone,

So here’s my build atm, using a Phasezerker ClassMod :

May I ask some advices on some skills and synergies ?
What I’d like to know :

  • Is there any advantage to invest more than 1 point in Do Harm/Violent Tapestry, with the Phasezerker mod ? If yes, why so ?

  • [Answered, thanks to sammantixbb and Derch’s Sherrif build thread] Is Remnant a good skill endgame (does it kill anything ?) ? Is it possible to combine it with Overkill reward from Guardian Tokens level (Enforcer tree iirc) ? Is there any other boost that can be applied to it (Gun dmg, elemental dmg, splash dmg, etc) ? The skill states killing with “a Gun” and dealing “AS elemental dmg”, that’s why I’m asking this^^

  • Does the bonus from Awakening applies to the stacks earned from Phasezerker mod ? I don’t see why it wouldn’t, but did not find an answer here (maybe I searched badly though :-/)

  • I noted that, with Phasezerker equiped, I can shoot my AS at no target and still get stacks of DH/VT and grind them to x99. It works in solo (didn’t try it on multi) and each effect “seems” to applie (did not test it thoroughly though)… Is this intended or a bug that’s will be patched ?

Thanks to those who will answer my questions :slight_smile:

Re: Remnant. Derch’s Sherrif Amara is built entirely around it. My Dragon Amara is built kinda around it.

Ok thanks for this, I’ll make sure to check and see what it is about ! :slight_smile:

EDIT : Ok I read the entire thread, so it appears that with all the DOT’s I’m pulling off and mainly using Maliwan guns, investing in Remnant would be kind of counterproductive. So I’ll let these 3 points where they are^^ But I’ll keep in mind how it works well, just in case :wink:

Thank you kind Sir !

Not a sir, but no problem! :slight_smile: If you wanna play with Remnant but don’t wanna perma spec into it, Dragon COMs can come with points for it. It’s actually how I’m building mine :slight_smile:

I tend to think everyone can be a Sir ! It is a matter of honor and good behavior ! But I get it :wink:

Ok I take good note of this, I’ll keep that in mind if I come across such a COM !

  1. There is no point in putting any points in Violent Tapestry when you have the Phasezerker COM, as you just have to cast your Action Skill to get full stacks. Do Harm is worth 5 points, as it increases the damage of your Action Skill. If you’re using Phasegrasp, you’ll need to use a version of it that deals damage somehow. Ties That Bind and Fist Over Matter are both effective.

  2. It’s been determined that the Awakening skill does not affect the bonuses to Weapon Damage and Cooldown Rate Increase that the Phasezerker COM provides. Not sure how it effects Do Harm, though. Alacrity is the only Skill I can see that gets a boost.

  3. It’s currently unknown if stacking Do Harm stacks with Phasegrasp is intended or a bug.

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It affects Do Harm how you’d expect it, it’s another multiplier. But IMO spare skill points are almost always be better invested in some of the other skills. When you already have max Alacrity and 25 Rush stacks you’ll hardly notice a difference due to diminishing returns on reload speed bonuses. And when you’re below max Alacrity and Do Harm those points will have more of an impact when directly spent on those two skills.

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If you are getting Infusion I’d recommend putting an extra point into Clarity (out of Catharsis) to get access to corrosive action skill element…and a little extra survivability can’t hurt anyway since you don’t have Sustainment.

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Can’t you replicate it with other action skills if their cooldown is low enough and not just Phasegrasp?

1- Well the whole point of this point, is, tbh, to gain access to the next tier of the tree ^^ I also don’t see any point in doing so, but you know, I was also wandering if it was better to point another point in Do Harm. In the end that’s what I’m gonna do ^^ And I already use Ties That Bind :wink:

2- Thank you, that’s what I thought :slight_smile: and thank you @DankRafft too.
The question is, does the bonus from Do Harm applies to the 35% dmg the linked enemies take, or just to the dmg applied to immuned targets ?

3- Ok noted, still funny to do before a tough fight or during one ^^

@vanaria32 Yes it’d be good, but I honestly don’t know where I’d take these points from to access tier 2 of Brawl tree :-/ I already have 2 points in Clarity from the COM, and even if I take one out from Catharsis, I’d still be 4points away from unlocking Blight Tiger :-/ That’s one of my biggest concern right now, I’m stuck sometimes using Corrosive weapons with Fire or Shock Infusion, not the best scenario I admit :-/

@dpresnell Don’t know how it affects the other AS, but I tried with around +60% CD rate increase (from Restless + COM + Relic + Hunter Guardian tree) and the difference is not that huge… To be fair, there’s one, but it seems a tad too light to be really noticeable :-/

EDIT : are the skills trees down ? Can’t seem to get them on my navigator…
EDIT2 : well maintenance ongoing from VIP page, might have side effects on skills trees and such, I’ll post my updated build later ^^

No, you can’t. The reason it works with Phasegrasp is that if you don’t grasp someone with it, the Cooldown is immediately refunded. With Phasecast and Phaseslam, using them triggers the Cooldown, even if you don’t hit anything. Phasecast is the only Action Skill that can be used quickly enough to stack Do Harm, and it’s entirely because of the refunded Cooldown when you don’t hit anything. The other two have trouble cooling down fast enough to get more than a second or so to create more Stacks.

My method of getting down the tree is to put 5 points in Do Harm. I use Phasecast, so it directly increases the damage my Action Skill does. I’ve also heard that it increases the Linked damage from Ties That Bind, but haven’t confirmed that myself.

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That’d be awesome :smiley: If I can I’ll try to run some tests tonight (French TimeZone here^^)

@dpresnell Oh, I did not get that you meant stacking DH/VT stacks with other AS XD As swk3000 stated, it cannot work as only Phasegrasp allows you to spam in the void to grind these stacks ^^

Been thinking about it, and I suppose it is technically possible to stack Do Harm stacks with Phasecast and Phaseslam, but you need to to get the Cooldown under 20 seconds so the stacks don’t expire, and it would significantly increase the time needed to get the stacks, as you’d need to deal with the Cooldown after each cast. Phasegrasp just does it much easier, and a heck of a lot faster. I doubt anyone wants to spend 5 minutes before each boss fight spamming their Action Skill.

Each pack of Do Harm stacks have an individual timer. You can’t prevent them from decaying by gaining more stacks.

Ah. The way the interface shows that doesn’t make that clear. Thanks for the clarification.

Of course, this means that Phasegrasp is the only one that can stack Do Harm stacks, as it’s the only Action Skill that can be cast in such a way as to have no Cooldown. The stacks still have an individual Cooldown, but Phasegrasp can build them so quickly that you still have something like 15 seconds before the initial stacks decay.

Not the only one but the easiest. With enough CDR stacked you can get a Phasecast cooldown of ~5 seconds and Avatar allows it to be used two times in quick succession. That’s not as good as mindlessly spamming Phasegrasp but it can come somewhat close.

@DankRafft Yeah apparently it was a thing before some patches/hotfix right ? The ability to cast Phasegrasp every 2sec or so ?
Tbh I think it’s a good thing they patched this (as well as “InfiniteGre” Moze) the game is quite balanced and it ruins all the fun when a player is able to solo everything without challenge…

Anyway thank you all for your help and tips, been able to redo my build to be a bit more effective and more importantly, potent even without using tons of legendaries (aside from COM^^).

So If you are using any of the damage based action skills Do Harm can be a central skill. When mixed with Phasezerker, and Avatar you can stack up your action skill damage twice easily and 3 times If you use lots of CDR and a low CD skill like Phasecast.
When done right you can melt Badass enemies. This is really more of a style choice as Ties that Bind is just so dang good for mobbing with several different amazing Augments to pair up with it.
Do Harm is also quite good with Downfall as it buffs both the Lazer and the slam. The only issue is the CD making it impossible to chain more then 2 rush bursts with Avatar.

Being able to stack rush to 25 and getting full stacks after your first action skill make Do Harm amazing with the right set up.

Snapshotting CDR bonuses to have an action skill cooldown of 2 seconds is still possible. I don’t expect them to fix this anytime soon. But that’s not what I meant. You can still get to 5-6 second cooldown on all of Amara’s action skills by normal means without abusing the beforementioned glitch.