Asking for help farming the rainbow shield, sniper and torque Unicornexplosion

Can Some one helps me farm the sniper, shield and unicorn explosion please? Tried but failed like 10-20 times continuously @@

Add me at Drallx on PS4, please help kill raid boss on new dlc

To get the unicornsplosion you have to feed butt stallion while waering the mysterious amulet from the tiny Tina dlc

whats the mysterious amulet called as done the tina dlc but never heard of that item ?

It’s just called the mysterious amulet, when you go to the lair of infinite agony sometimes there will be a quest on the upper left side of the map do that quest and buy the amulet from that guy. I would recommend door on normal mode as it can get very expensive

I have the amulet which I don’t need anymore since I already used it to get that weapon I can give it to you if you’d like or still need it