Asking for ideas: Farming - Reloading the Game - Annoying

Hello everyone,

in order to make bosses respawn you have to reload the game.

Do you find this annoying? Does it need to be changed? If so how?

Maybe on TVHM or in Mayhem 1+ a little obelisk could spawn after boss kill to restart the counter, accompanied by a teleport to the vendors before the boss fight.
As a PC player my load times are not really a problem, but something along these lines would expedite the process if it could be done.

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On PC it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve gotta say though I still find it annoying. Some quality of life changes in that regard would be sweet.

Console players often complain about it because their loading times are so long.

I wonder why bosses don’t respawn when you load the map again while you’re ingame. I always have to go back to the main menu.

there have been suggestions to try to make something similar to the loot the universe event
it should just be a bit more “natural” not like
“this area ARs, this area pistols, etc.”
but for example spreading the bosses deicated drops over the whole map


GBX knows farming is the game once you finish the game so they need to enable farming.

I’ve said once you finish the game give as new mode we can activate called Farm mode. In that mode, as many bosses and farmable enemies as possible should have a fast travel point by it so you don’t need to traverse the map for Agonizer or Katagawa Ball (that one really sucks) initially plus vending machines as close as possible.

Then each time you kill the boss and return to that fast travel station the boss should respawn. This is functionality that exists for Tom and Xan and it is why they are, well were, such a favored farm.

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That would be great!