Asking for tips about after I finally get to level 72

Should I farm for level 72 loot (bee, sham, DPUH, conf call, etc.), THEN attempt OP or just farm once whenever I hit OP8?

If you have tips for specific loot that i should use throughout OP, that would be great. I’m using a mechromancer

If you don’t already have good level 72 gear, you should probably farm for that before attempting the OP levels. Once you get to OP4, you should probably upgrade your gear to match your new OP level (OP4). Then, when you finally get to OP8 you should farm for OP8 gear. If you have several people (who are already OP8 and have OP8 gear) help you with the OP levels, then you can probably skip farming for OP4 gear and just focus on the OP8 gear once you get to OP8.

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