Asking for uhvm tips and LF lvl 55 cm/weapons

Been trying to play uvhm for a while and I just keep dying. I have lvl 48+ legendary weapons and it doesn’t really do justice let alone the level being raise as I level up. I’m a lvl 57 gunzerker and I just have loads of trouble. Anyone want to spare some class mods or weapons to help? I can trade what I can! Maybe some tips on which cm I should look to using.

Right now I’m using 2 unkempt Harold’s that are level 54 but not double penetrated, and a Lyuda and infinity.
Any tips or help is much appreciated!

get the grog nozzle from tiny tinas dlc and duel wield with the unkempt Harold, you will breeze through that play through

that’s how I completed it by myself anyway

Is getting it from tvhm alright to use for uvhm?

no, you will need to run through quickly on uvhm to get it but once you have it you’ll be fine as long as that’s the secondary gun you use

Oh alright I’ll definitely remember that, I’m still stuck at getting roland. Dying pretty bad in the first couple rooms lol

as soon as you find a travel station I would recommend going to get it

Alright thanks alot! I appreciate it

Anybody have some lvl 55+ items to spare?

You will find this helpful:

Also, as a Gunzerker, this:

It’s a little unfortunate that the addition of the BL:THC forum sections seems to have fractured the existing BL2 and TPS community into separate halves; if you have ANY BL2-related mission, tactics, weapons, or character questions, please considering checking out the Borderlands 2 category

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Thank you I’ll check it out!

I might be able to help you out with some gear ionic14 on psn. I’m on usually every day. I have a bunch of legendaries around your level.

Do u have any lvl 50 legendary weapons left mate I’m in dyer need

Yes I do. Should be on later tonight.

Cheers mate I will add u on psn

What’s ur psn mate or just add me