ASMD Sniper bugged as hell

Since the start of the day when I bought the game and first encountered this “legendary” weapon, it is bugged. Basically sometimes (multiple times) in a row just doesn’t register hit at all. Not just headshot but the whole damage, like the bullet/ray leaves the weapon and then nothing happens, no collision. I do a magazin like this, reloading, then it registers, then again, nothing. Ohh and I’m talking about the zoomed in, normal sniper mode, not the “ball” projectile.

I completely get rid of this type of weapon now for weeks, when it drops but I keep wondering is it just me or is this really bugged?

P.S.: Other Snipers doesn’t do this.

I’m seeing this sporadically. Specifically, I’ll fire a scoped shot, will hear the firing sound, but no bolt will actually fly across the screen. I don’t know how to reproduce it.

While I wait for a confirmation/fix, it seems to be pretty rare (and a reload seems to fix it). Going to complete a few levels in the Handsome Jackpot with it to see if I can figure out what’s up.

I always have this with that one type of gun. enemy ducks, I try to HS them behind cover (the head still visible, or they come out of hiding) and 3-4 shots just wont register.
No other gun I noticed does this except ASMDs.

Was about to start a new thread, but found this one.
So yes, this bug has been bugging me now.

When can we expect a fix? 2022?


yup still bugged to this day… the weapon is actually very strong… its a bummer that its bugged :frowning:

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