Aspect ratio issues

(Not-Toby) #1

I have this issue/s. I generally play the game, when I play, I rarely play these days, at 720p resolution, cause its performance is crap and all. But recently bought a new GPU (AMD RX 580) and tried different resolutions and I must say, this game is crap not only performance wise.

At 1080p I see part of the main menu off screen, but options menu is fine while at 1050p main menu has black bars above and below and Pptions are partially off screen. All happening in Fullscreen only, Windowed modes look fine.

Now this wasn’t happening with my RIP AMD R9 270x so this must me some compatibility issue, maybe even new (they come and go, cheers to patching crew btw). Any ideas ho to fix this?

It’s not urgent, I’d rather ■■■■ myself with a shovel than to play the game voluntarily again, but, y know, just in case I get invited it’d be good to rid of the problem.