Assassin Head/Skin Info and Screen Shots

The following galleries show the heads and skins for Maya. You can also access a spreadsheet listing the heads and skins (along with their source) click on the following image link:

Click on any thumbnail to see the larger image. images are in alphabetical order and match the order on the document.

Heads 1-9

Heads 10-18

Heads 19-27

Heads 28-36

NOTE: skin #32 is the gearbox skin and not available to players. The image is not shown on these forums at the request of Gearbox.

Skins 1-10

Skins 11-20

Skins 21-30

Skins 31-40

Skin 32 is for Gearbox staff only and is not shown

Skins 41-50

Skins 51-60

Skins 61-70

Skins 71-80

Skins 81-90

Skins 91-100

Skins 101-105

The 5th DLC Head and Skin for Zer0 can be viewed here:

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So… while I wait for this page to load with my epic Internet connection, I’ll make a post.

Thanks, Mirror!

Yeah the new forums didn’t take to well to the old forum format I had saved. I may go through and reformat all these to make them work with the new forum better.

I was reposting these with a baby on one arm though so it will be a slow process, I gotta get the TPS ones up still as well.

So I’m playing on the ps4 and I’m trying to find the gory ghoul assassin head in tiny Tina assault on dragon keep and having trouble finding info on it due to everyone stopping at shift codes which don’t work on next Gen consoles… how can I get it without shift codes and where do I go to do so?

The Borderlands wiki claims it to be a rare drop from the dice chests in DLC4. If that’s the case, my suggestion would be to hit the Ancient Dragons, as that gives you the greatest number of chests. The difficulty mode doesn’t matter if all you want is to farm the chests afterwards. Might want to use eridium to double your chances on the dice rolls, too.

The original post makes it appear as though there are 104 skins rather than 102 skins…Sting Like A Bee and Emotional Distance are listed twice, could that be fixed. :innocent:

I am on the hunt for the Poker Night 2 and Community Day 2013 customizable items for all of the Vault Hunters that they are available for. I have a copious amount of Legendary and Peals to trade for them. If you have any of the items listed above and play on the PS4, please let me know!

There’s no legitimate way to get the Poker Night 2 heads and skins without playing Poker Night 2, winning them and redeeming them. They aren’t tradable items.

While there does not seem to be a PS4 section for online / trading you might want to try the PS3 trading forum.

Just make a title that makes clear that you are on PS4. Pokernight stuff can’t be gotten by trading though. Community day skins drop in the game these days but I’m afraid not too many people have extras around. I’ll keep you in mind should I find any that I don’t already have.

EDIT: Though I mainly play on PC these days so it’s quite unlikely that I’ll fire the game up on console.

Actually, there is (also for XB1). A little confusingly, they’re both in a separate category (under Handsome Collection instead of Borderlands 2):

Thanks for the ‘heads’ up! Do you know of anyone that could help me out with Community Day 2013 stuff?

It’s just really, really rare. There was a period where the rate was increased but, like an idiot, I missed out on that. All I can suggest is that you go everywhere on foot smashing and killing every single thing in your wake: since the community day stuff is world drop, it could come from anywhere you but need to kill/open LOTS to stand a chance. And if you should end up with extras, you will have boffo bargaining power in the trade section.

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I was lucky and got them all from a promotional event Gearbox did a while back. It was tied to the release of Homeworld Remastered, so I don’t think that’s still going on. They were added to the general loot pool through an update recently, so they can drop in game from any suitable loot source. They’re EXTREMELY rare, though. Can’t help you out further, unfortunately.


Here’s a working archived link if the images aren’t loading ( Give it a minute to load the images):

Zer0’s Heads/Skins

Is it possible or someone is just trolling?

It looks decidedly fishy to me…

Edit: See this thread; someone would have had to drop it in that chest though. (And would have had to bring it in from a PS3/360 save?)


I know that it obtained on some some version and is available when you start the game. Just wondering, if it is possible as a drop.

Since there are only 2 of us in that area, the other 2 is busy with some skeletons on the previous area, i did not see it being open so not sure, but right after I saw it and screenshot it, the one I was with in that area pick it up.

It is unusual that he still have that head since we are in tvhm and level 30+ (i might sold it once i reached hammerlock in southern shelf in normal mode), and accidentaly drop it on a perfect spot on top of the chest then pick it back up again.

So, has anyone put together a guide to Zer0’s new Head(s) & Skin(s) from the brand-new DLC yet? :thinking:

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What guide? There is only one new Head and Skin for each character, both farmable from Haderax’s chests.