Assassin Reeth didn't show up?

Anyone else have this issue? I’m on the last assassin for the mission: “Assissinate The Assassins” and Reeth never shows up. I can’t finfish the mission.

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That happens periodically with a number of the assassins. Usually, it means one of the bandits in the wave before the assassin appears hasn’t been killed yet - they may have glitched into a wall or disappeared down a shaft.

Check the area with an eye on your minimap for a stray red dot. You could also try dropping singularity or area-of-effect grenades in the hope one will light up the stray bandit.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to save-quit-restart.


That happened to me aswell, but it was with Oney instead;
Only way to fix it if a savequit does not help, is resetting your uvhm sadly