Assassin Reeth Not Spawning

So I Was Playing Assassinate The Assassins, And I Died To Reeth The First Time

Since Then, I Haven’t Been Able To Get Him To Spawn, I Haven’t Found Any Solutions Online S

Is the door he comes out of open or closed?

The trigger point to spawn him is just by or past the crate in the middle of the floor where his door is (up the stairs from where the first nomads come to greet you). IDK if you have to clear all the psychos from the lower area first or not - been a while since I farmed that area. A full save-quit-resume should clear things up though.

The Door Is Open

I’ve Saved And Restarted Multiple Times, I’ve Even Completed Other Missions And Returned Multiple Times, To No Avail

It’s possible he’s just spawned or fallen into an odd location, which you might pick up with a homing grenade. I suspect thought that you may have to try and find someone else running the same mission in the same mode, and at least advance past Reeth that way.

I’ll Try That


I’ll Let You Know If It Works

Late I Know,

But Thanks A Lot, It Worked

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