Assassin VS Gunzerker

So just sorta wondering what everyone thought about which character they think is better the Assassin or the Gunzerker


I’m partial to Axton, Maya, and Krieg.

But seriously, no class is better at everything or even most things. Just figure out what PLAYSTYLE you prefer, and stick with that. Gunzerker will generate more walls of bullets and face tank things. Zer0 is much more fragile, stealthy, and does more burst damage.

Assassins never die.

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I’ve never gunzerked but I absolutely love Zer0.

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They are all good one their own way mechromancer with anarchy and shock damage. Axtons turrets can slag and support you. Maya is great in general pretty much with any build you do… assassin is bout the same you can you him in most situations and the cooldown is really fast. And the gunzerker just destroys bosses.

Btw your profile picture is great xD

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Haha thank you. I see your a fellow jet lifer!

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