Assassin's Creed discussion

This thread is here to discuss anything Assassin’s Creed related. Feel free to discuss the things you like or rant about the more frustrating aspects about the series.

I have never been a fan of stealth games but I love the historical settings and the sheer number of ways you can approach your objective in this series. I currently have AC 3, Black Flag and Rogue and while I love all of them, Rogue is my favourite of the three. I will try and get AC 2 as well some time in the future.

I will start a potential discussion with a question: Are Unity and Syndicate any good? I have been looking for an excuse to buy a console that can run newer games (or at least upgrade my PC accordingly), but there are few newer games that have peaked my interest. I’m kind of hoping that Unity and Syndicate would be one of those games.

AC Unity is OK. I did enjoy Syndicate due to the protagonists. As you said, the historical base is amazingly realistic.