Assassins Need Help ; Nobody Has Time for Tanks

Weird that you mention Deande and not Melka or Calderaus.

If any two assassins have problems in the game its those two.

Why do people keep saying Caldarius is bad?

I have been absolutely shredded by Caldarius’. All I see is the blind and then suddenly I’m half dead and wondering where the hell did he just go because he can zoom all around you being so mobile.

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Melka is fine. I go positive with her pretty much every game. She has a very odd playstyle like cals but with DoT and cal has the whole blind/blead thing. If anything Whisky Foxtrot needs a little look at as he takes a lot of bullets to kill pretty much anyone without his passive active which on capture is rather hard as there are no minions to farm. Also his reload is stupidly long, ironic that his legendary gear is a reload, fire rate and recoil item as he desperately needs it. Shame as once you have it he becomes pretty good, just a shame it takes the law grind and farming 1800 shards in a game to get him competitive.

Deande needs only two things. Movement speed buff and a slightly wider horizontal hitbox on her melee strikes. She swings her fan in a wide arc but only makes contact with a pinpoint. Since melee strikes are her primary damage source, she needs to have a bit more forgiveness when a character just strafes around you, and as a Deande main its incredibly frustrating to be shot by someone walking backwards faster than you can move forward and attack. Ranged characters already have a dmg advantage being able to attack from further away, and if you do close the distance, they can move away faster than you can hit them. Even backwards. No way you should be able to move backwards and attack faster than someone moving forward and attacking. I’ve started off side by side with a marquis when the doors for incursion open up, taken the exact same path, and by the time we reach the second crystal he is strides ahead of me and continuing to pull away. This makes no sense…he can already attack you at full strength from as far as he can see, and then can also outrun you when and if you do get to him…

Burst dash is fine, get her lore done for the legendary and suddenly calculated risk is a lot less risky since you can burst in, apply the debuff and do solid dmg, then clone out to recharge your shield. Follow up with ult or sneak around for some melee or just escape the trade having won it and back out and throw some fans til your CDs are up.

TL;DR: She needs slight movement speed buff and an increase in her melee strikes horizontal hitbox. Leave all else alone.

I’ve gotten a worthy of song on him in the beta. You can do work with this hero.

However, how he impacts the game, especially in incursion, is harder to do than not do. If your winning he has no position to kill anyone because of how the choke points work until the first sentry is down. So you have a hero that relies heavily on being able to separate a guy not able to actually do more then push a wave terribly and plink at the sentry. Even with pushing comps this can take up to 7m in the game to actually happen. Throw that on top of games ending in the 15m range and you’ve spent half the game having 0 impact.

Unless the game goes full chaos mode you’re options are:

Sit at the wave and shoot flash bang

Sit in side tunnel and TMP the sentry

or Sit in the window and TMP the sentry

For half of the game.