(Assault Frame) Driver's Ed

Okay, so I was talking in another thread when I realized. This game (or its sequel. :wink: :wink: dear devs) should really have a small training course for each character. Let’s start with, idk, Caldarius.

Nova: Hello Caldarius! Before we begin, why don’t you move around a bit?
Caldarius: Only because you asked nicely
You move in a general circle
I’d continue this but you get the idea and it’s late and I’m not patient enough to make this meet my standards. Basically it would explain wound applications, how to use his ult for escapes or kill confirms, when to use melee or his TMP, how his Gravity burst and passive function, etc.

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Nova: Why don’t you go ahead and say “apple”.
Caldarius: -jumps-
Nova: Okay, jumping’s good.

…I miss Portal 2.


A fully fledged tutorial would be a bit much for 30+ characters. Just a tutorial video like in Evolve would be fine


“For your first lesson, try to create a ‘Sunspot.’ First, press the…”

“You presumptious little program! You would tell me how to practice the rites that I have mastered through my centuries of dutiful service to the Order? A superficial artifice like you could never pretend to understand such esoteric arts… let alone deign to instruct me on these matters!”


“Don’t worry if you can’t do it yet. This is a tutorial. You’re still learning! And you know what, I’m super proud of how hard you’re trying.”



Now I want a mission where Nova has gone beyond basic sass and passive agressive behavior, and is now in full Glados psychopathic mode. Maybe Kleese went too far with her like he did with ISIC or something. You’ve already got most of the necessary components: sentient AI, disconnected from her only tether to sanity, aggressively passive agressive, loves the airlock.


Favorite Glados line?

“The scientist who created this next test won an award. I don’t know what the award is for, but i DO know that it’s not for being immune to deadly neurotoxin.”

The whole exchange she has with Cave Johnson about lemons and burning houses down had me in tears. The inflection she has, like she’s almost singing about it, was perfect.

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Yeah, same here; that would have been what i qouted (i have before on these very forums), but i don’t consider that a Glados qoute.

Or Cal skips it entirely. And end up being stuck because he didn’t bother learning.
Totally did not happen with me in Shadow Warrior. Nope not at all.

But seriously though, a tutorial will help greatly in a game like this. Not character specific (the roster is 29 folks after all), but a more general one certainely would be welcome.

Way too much effort. Players should have sufficient brain power to figure this stuff out. It’s all there in the helix menus. It’s not the developer’s job to tell people how to optimally play the game (eg. how Caldarius could use his ult to good effect). That’s for the players actually playing it to figure out.

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At the very least a few things should be explained. You have no idea how long it took for me to realize that Mellka’s slide is actually useful
And she does it again! I love how you nailed Novas slightly patronizing tone
I was thinking it’d just be a short thing, a few minutes at most. Just so people that never use skills can learn to (I’ve seen it. It’s shocking but it’s there)

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…Reminds me how he does worse than Ambra jumping to the turrets on Sabo.

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Ambra is more angular. More corners=less gravity

Ambra is my fav, the one area she suffers on Sabo is that chest hidden in the lava.
For some reason she can get there but can’t jump up onto the platform, every other character can.

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Huh, that’s interesting. Is it a glitch, or is her jump really that bad? Separately, have you ever tried all speed gear on Phoebe and then jumped while dashing foward with a speed pickup? You can flyyyy

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