Assault Rifle question

Back when i had first started playing, i got an assault rifle from either a quest or random loot idk which now.

it had what looked like a flamethrower tip to it, and i loved that so much but i cant remember the name of it.

the front of it had like to little spigots that had a small flame to them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can try and identify it from looking at a part guide like this one.

Unless it was a unique mission reward or a legendary there are too many unknowns to say anything more about which type of gun you’re looking for.

That sounds like the fire element accessory on almost any assault rifle. Was there anything else unique about it?

Seems like the Blaster, E-Tech Assault Rifle

Perhaps a Seraphim?

i couldve sworn that it was a 3round burst, like on the item card that it said dmgx3

The only AR I can think of that has x3 on the card for damage is the Kitten, but it’s not a burst fire rifle. It’s a Vladof, which are fast firing, fully auto ARs. It’s also a really good weapon so I could see why you liked it so much, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Edit: The legendary Dahl AR the Veruc also has x3 for damage on the card and is a burst fire rifle. It’s also a good weapon, but loses a little effectiveness with its unique firing pattern. I personally love a corrosive version versus robots since the spread of the weapon can hit multiple crit spots.

This. I remember looking at a green fire AR when I started the game with Axton, and thinking that the little jet of flame out the side was a really cool effect. There are so many little details in the game that you don’t really notice until you actually stop and take the time to study it. The detailing on the weapons is excellent (even on 360/PS3!)

The closet thing I can think of would be a double tap rifle. It says x2 on the damage card and fires a two round burst for 2 ammo (IIRC). Maybe that’s the weapon?