Assignment Survey

Hey Badasses!
I need help with an assignment so if you all could fill out this survey, that would be great!


I would do it if that wasn’t a lot of work… I am one lazy Finisci…


I want to see @Nemosis327 stats posted here and see everyone’s reaction as to just how much Deande he really plays compared to any other character.


Done. Wow, I never knew I played so much Miko.

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There was a time when I popped Battleborn on PS4 to play Caldy every match because he’s such a BADASS.
too bad he was nerfed.
PS: I’m glad I played 1 time with dwarf b*tch on PS4. he’s OP and not fun

Well it’s not like I’m much better.

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I’m in the same boat. Deande annihilates everyone else in terms of matches played for me.

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So it’s a who’s played a single character the most contest you say? Hmmmm. Most intriguing.

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there you @blainebrossart1

rip penta kills

Nice killing spree you got there. Is it still going?


Shoutout to the guy who did this survey and has played 3 PvP games :joy:

@TheFishIsASpy any other interesting surveys you can think of making? :slight_smile:

It ended with the update. I will forever have the highest kill spree ever, unless GBX reverts the results of the old glitch.


Just because you got that Deande penta. =P

HEXA actually