Assist Badge vs KO

I’m still shooting for MEDICINAL USE ONLY, but in the process I’ve come to realize that the Assist badge/emblem/whatever is extremely underwhelming, while the KO badge is pretty badass.

GBX, update this please. Show the support some love.


Do you mean the little green circle that pops up in the top left vs. the mushroom cloud KO thing? I think it makes sense. For every death, there can be 4 (even 5 if we’re counting AI allies) and one kill. So it’s worth a lot more

Im with you to a certain extent. Maybe make the KO even more badass, and make the assist better as well.

Or maybe I’ve just played too much haha.

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I think it would be awesome if it would be different for every different kind of assist. Because, let’s be honest, if you are the TOP DAMAGE DEALER it should be WAY more badass since you actually did the most damage but that pesky Marquis had the last shot from 1000000 meter away and he gets the awesomely amazing kill thingy.

If you support by only healing, I think you should get a funky and amazing healy themed assist emblem thingy!!!

Or maybe they shouldn’t waste work on something as small as this… EVEN THOUGH I’D WANT THEM TO!!!