Assistance on Skill Tree with Rakk

Hello there: During the last several months with work and other obligations I have not even focused on my skill tree and admittedly am not up to speed with synergies for what I want my FL4k to do so I present my current skill tree but first my desires:

I currently have all the Rakk anointed and ASE gear I could want. Additionally, I have all of the Mods I want including the the Rakk Pak versions. I primarily run with the Transformer shield and toggle between nade regen modifier and +50% dmg increase on ASE. Currently I’m using the Rakk Pak with Jakob’s Crit and Weapons damage with my Relic which provides substantial luck. ( I have a LOT of Relics ). I very much enjoy Jakob’s and Torgue weapons and Crit shooting. My primary guns are the Maggie, Bekah and Alchemist all of which I have with 100% dmg increase on Rakk attack and ASE. I love my Spiderant but it dies easily. I would love a build incorporating my Rakks and Spiderant while giving me max damage and decent survivability. I know there’s 100’s of build vids out there but because I’m a member of this community I thought to try here first. I’m not really into the technicals and math components . I’m more of a feel kind of player and will know when the build maps to my play style. I’m not huge into raids as of now but my future build should be able to tackle any situation. Without further delay… my current build and thanks for any help you can lend;

This is how I run mine:

Some people go all the way to Megavore, I found for me this is best balance with mob/boss and hold well on M4 with it.

The shield I have along with otto idol provide enough healing for me to not have to spec much in green. I can also switch between gamma, rakk, or ocasional GiTM.

So is this build more effective with weapons with 100% dmg on Rakk or ASE?

Both, it is very versatile.

Most of what I have are ASE, but rakk works just fine. I run bounty hunter with 31% dmg to pistol and smg, and all I use are pistols and SMGs.

To tweak your build a bit, take out persistence hunter and get to Power Inside on stalker tree for 25-50% more damage after using rakks.

This is yours, I adjusted a bit so spiderant should live longer, and plus get you a little boost of dmg.

Thanks very much. I was going to try tour build but if you think the tweaks you recommend would be fine perhaps I’ll try that first

Though i agree with @jbow2020 's tweaks, i personally run mine like This
Ive found this way the spiderant is about as tanky as possible; only real issue is vs boss’s where the pet cant proc frenzy; otherwise for general mobbing i found this more fun and less reliant on being at max hp at all times.
The points in leave no trace can be swapped left for an added 4% per stack to interplanetary stalker; just found i have to reload some weapons less often this way

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Stick with what you like. I will try builds I find here too and sometimes just tweak them enough that I like it better, or figure what I had going was more my play style.

I run new builds through Athenas on M1 then will test on M4 if I like it to see how it does or if I should make changes.

It only costs 10% of your characters savings to try somehting new :slight_smile:

I appreciate the feedback and will play around with these . I watch these videos of some guys absolutely decimating M4 and I scratch my head. For example, I was going to consider this by Joltz( If you can follow him speaking :blush:)

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Your skill tree is pretty similar to my health P4k build. So I’m going to guess you prefer survivability over bring over powered, am I wrong?

Well I’d like both if I can. Get downed after one shot is not enjoyable but I def prefer for
My new build to be more destructive on M4 … with my current build I’m able to take down Traunt, Graveward etc but if I am on the 3rd phase of Trial of Cunning for example, the anointed Tinks are impossible.

Well most rakk mains, myself included, are running last stand Otto idols and either a stopgap, recharger or transformer for survivability then just max out dps and enter ffyl when you can’t push out enough kills to heal, healing rakks help.
The build I mentioned earlier uses a terror shield that heals 25% of Max health on ase, 3 charges of healing rakks with r4kk p4k, Otto idol and 1 lifesteal on ase weapon and I run slaughter star and shaft rarely going down but even though the damage is high enough for m4 I’m not doing 6 minute runs in the trial of cunning either, my grenade is ase elemental buff, this build made a trade off for group survivability.

This is helpful and I see the math behind it which is intriguing. Appreciate the help and please continue with suggestions if anything come to mind.

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What makes you scratch your head about this sort of video? You will get the same results with the same stuff. Or even inferior stuff, you’ll be fine with just an elemental anointment on a grenade and shield, and a few pieces of top gear. My brainstormer isn’t anointed and it just eats everything alive in slaughter shaft, since all the chains are getting added elements

having some good 100% on ASE or 100% on rakk gear is definitely nice for anointed and bosses, tho

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I’m working on uploading two of my rakk builds soon I’ll post my farming one on this sight within the weekend, more of an elemental Fl4k.

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Jbow… what exactly does the BFF passive ability gain me. If I play solo does it make sense to allocate elsewhere?

Your pet gets your health regen. You said your spiderant seems to go down a bit, it will help keep it alive. So with spiderant/self repair/ it will get 2.5% of your hp regen, with turn tail moving it will get 3.4%.

(it shares half with allies but at 3/3 pet gets 100%)


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Ive actually swapped out the otto idol for a knifedrain static charge, pair that with a facepuncher - 1 shot fully heals fl4k and helps against shields. If your running megavore it will crit too but its not necessary