Assistance with Lvl 38

Hi all

Kinda new to the world of Borderlands. Picked up the handsome collection in the pan December sale and got into it the past week and loving it.

Seems like a lot to learn and experience .

Looking for anyone who doesn’t mind a new person to lend a hand, show the ropes, raid bosses , farming etc

I find it hard getting better weapons . At level 38 Ive got a 34 infinity, 33 purple sniper and a 30 purple shotgun.

Any tips be great as I continue to read forums


Add me. Psn: thatguysh4rk. I’ll help with anything you need. I should be on in a couple of hours or so

Kbw3j zf5jt jc59k 93kjt 3ztkf

Im not sure if this code is still good but it gave me 25 golden keys for the chest in sanctuary.

That’s mate, looks like I used that the other day. Cheers though

Thanks man, getting psn busy when trying to add at the mo. Will try afterwards, my gamer tag is my username should you get on later to try

No problem bruv

Hey :slight_smile: Know you’re new to the game but at certain times id be happy to show you the ropes and run you through any raid bosses , or help with anything in game related :slight_smile: . once you hit level 72 I’ve got a group who enjoy farming , raiding , and taking on different challenges in BL2 and you can join us anything! PSN: Hammerlift if you’re ever bored and want to play! :slight_smile: