Assorted items to trade most anointed

I have loads of anointed items to trade with let me what your after and see what we can do

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Only need the elemental projector deathless with mag size increase now



I also have quite a few anointed shields

I’d like to get my digital hands on that Nuclear Infinity 125% Weapon Damage to Badasses. Here is my list, let me know if you find something you want for trade. Thank You.

Im really chasing a elemental projector deathless with mag size increase

If you have an anointed rough rider or transformer with amo regen on terror I would very much like to trade for it

Sorry I don’t really pick up terror stuff to often in all honesty I can’t wait for this event to end

Are you only trading for the Deathless or would you trade some of you guns for other stuff?

I’ll trade for other stuff


I have gotten the artifact I was after so now happy to trade multiple of these items in return for just one so if anyone’s interested in any of these items I have here (except the mitosis that’s gone) please contact me as I would really like to offload a lot of this stuff asap. I have bloodletters and anointed shields that aren’t on here but not terror stuff.

Would love the Nuclear Infinity and the Pestilence for my Gamma Fl4k build?

Lol I never even meant to put the pestilence in I dropped it as it’s not anointed add me and I’ll send the infinity