Assorted items to trade most anointed

I’m looking for Bloodletters, Moze anointed transformer shield, and recurring hex shock. If you have any of those, I’ll trade you multiple things.


591 oozing nasty roisn thorns, corr, anointed gunner
576 daisy monocle
566 arctic dauntless night hawkin, frez
556 searing ripper, fire
-551 bountiful destructo spinner, frez, anointed gunner
551 turbo ten gallon, anointed gunner
546 premium frozen polybius, frez
536 extended nemesis, fire
536 expert storm, shock
566 expert asmd, shock
556 adapting ripper, cor
556 venomous barrage, cor
556 engulfing shredifer
551 venomous nemesis, cor, anointed flak
541 coolhead TK wave, anointed gunner
536 expert kill o the wisp, shock
526 rebel yell, shock
526 shredded scourge
516 razrez sickle
506 the companion, fire
506 unescapable thunderball fists, shock
581 expert trevontor, shock, anointed
496 the flood
591 adundant asmd, shock, anointed
561 adundant stark krakatoa, fire, anointed siren
536 dangerous hellshock, fire/shock
536 high capacity deft malaks bane, frez
536 expert firestorm, fire
551 annexed jericho, rad, anointed zane
506 hazardous thunderball fist, shock
536 high capacity deft malaks bane, frez
551 shredded scourge, anointed siren
526 the duc
536 baby maker++ , frez


521 boomin reinforced bear trooper, 3 blues moze
521 hazy molly rocketeer, 2 blue 1 green moze
521 preemptive glorious techspert 3 greens zane
521 rope a dope solitary breaker, 3 greens, amara
521 sanctified batty blast master, 2 blues moze
521 thermobaric kilaton mind sweeper, 2 blues moze


476 bloated stop gap, fire
476 reinforced rectifier, shock
476 riposte impaler, corr
466 accumulator stop gap
466 generator re charger
476 brawler ward, fire
476 marathon stop go, rad
476 stronghold rectifier, shock
491 re router, frez
476 fact acting rectifier, shock


456 grave
456 last stand moxxi endowment
456 radiodead loaded dice, rad


466 storm front, shock
456 tinas hippity hopper3

What u want for the diluvian firestorm

What would you offer for the diluvion?

Well I dont have any of the items you want I do have alot of other gear with more annointment s though

If you want just send me a fr on psn colbykente912 and I can tell you what I have it is to much to list on here but I want that grenade lol bad luck with rng


I gotta check next time I am on, but I definitely have an elemental projector deathless. Pretty sure it has mag size one it, but not 100%.

Looking for annointed Star Helix’s (fire, cryo, and rad) and cryo Mngwa if you happen to have any.

I have an anointed one but it’s kinetic

I could be into that. What’s the annointment?

Ah bare with me soon as I’m back at sanctuary I’ll let you know

It’s a moze anointed one

Damn. It’s for an Amara. Lemme check the stats tomorrow when I’m on. Probably send it your way anyways.

Anything else your after? I have a few amara things as I just leveled her up to 50

27%20AM 27%20AM

I’m not using flak but try the post below this one that’s exactly what he is after

Sorry dude. It doesn’t look like I have that projector anymore. Swore I still had it in storage. I’ll hit you up if I happen to come across another one.

It’s all good man I got a couple since I started this post (I need to edit the title) but I still have an over burden of stock I need to clear out

Do you still have this?

I just respec my Fl4k into a GB build. What are you looking to get for one of these?